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  1. I'm warming up for some J-rock this year. My current practice list is: -Makka ni Chikai by Yoshiyuki Fukyama -This is the Time, Now! by Mizuki Ichirou -STORMBRINGER by JAM Project
  2. I'm praying to the stars that JAM shows up with Aniki (Mizuki Ichirou) for the con. It'd be an honor to see such a legend show up here. Though Isao Sasaki would be an equal honor to see live. I'd also kill to see people like Noboyuki Hiyama, Kenichi Sonoda, Keiji Gotoh, or Brett Weaver show up this year.
  3. Toonami was THE reason I really got into anime, I would love to see this panel see the light of day. It would give me a hell of a retro trip back to the days of Tom and the Absolution with some great classics like Big-O and Outlaw Star. I definitely approve of this idea. Are you listening Staff?
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