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  1. procrastination it uh....oh well I'll think of it later!
  2. I don't know if you would call it obscire but I am heavy set guy so I tend to do cosplays that are more heavy setted such as last year I went as Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist, I know that isn't really obscure, this year I am going down as Woodney. Woodney is a character only seen for like a total 6 or 7 episodes of Black Cat and has a total of maybe 45 minutes of air time. Also he is only in the anime not the manga so he isn't well know by manga followers so hopefully there will some people that will reconize me. After this year though I am going hit the gym and shed the weig
  3. I know this thread is ancient but I wouldn't trying to help you guys with being just a photographer mainly cause I got me a new camera for Otakon and this seems like an awesome way to use plus I have nephews that play Pokemon and I think they would get a kick to see pokemon cosaplayers. just message me a link to your on-line pokedex and I'll be sure to help you guys out! I'll be super effective!!!
  4. I haven't had any dreams about Otakon or any other anime convention but I have had plenty of dreams of zombies sometime I can't go back to sleep. But I do have a "Goal" dream which is to get into the finals of at least one Otakon AMV contest!
  5. 1. Samurai Gun 2. Excel Saga 3. Bakyugan (my nephews turn it on and I walk out of the room to the glow of my friendly computer) 4. Poni Poni Poemi 5. Blood: The Last Vampire (I am still waiting on my return of 1 hour of lifetime) 6. Milkchan (Once again still waiting on my 1/2 hour of lifetime return) 7. Yu-Gi-Oh! (not bad if you played the card game also) 8. Bo-Bo-bobobobobobobo or whatever the heck it is called Yea thats my list I have watched a lot of anime and these are most of the shows I wish we could uninvent but the world only turns in one
  6. is it still too early to try and setup a meeting place??????
  7. Yea I wasn't gonna exclude or setup some kinda special phrase it is gonna be if you come then you come if you don't then you don't. With me is I have been only Youtube and Myspace for the past five years I doubt anybody down there has ever heard of me and I have only ever been in one AMV contest, Otakon 2008, and I have probably never heard of any of the other AMV makers that may be joing up. So it'll be you show up or you don't no restrictions, no guidelines Anyone that would do that crap is not someone that I would want to hang out with
  8. This year I am going down as Woodney from Black Cat. The best part of it is I just need to trim back my goatee a bit and buy a wig and blamo I'm Woodney. Any one that didn't see the anime only read the manga, Woodney is an overweight middleaged man who impersonates Black Cat but does a horrible job at it. He mispronounces and misspells the name of the gun he calls it "Haadysu", instead the branded Roman Numeral he has a magic Marker number "13" that he writes on his arms that he can never keep track of where he put it last. Lastly, Train is a 16 145lb teenager, Woodney is a 250lb 25 year
  9. I know this isn't really a subject for this thread but I figured instead of having a two line thread just use one that really isn't being all that much anymore. In my possible entry video would it be considered Nudity if a girl was in a bra and thong? I am using a clip from the movie "The Animatrix" section "Final Flight of the Osiris" and the clip is in the begining when the two characters are "Sparring". I figure ask now instead of getting bumped later If anyone know the answer to this conumdrum please post or PM me or both
  10. That is flippin' awesome I remember watching Digimon after school it was on FOX right after Pokemon on Kids WB man nostalgia I'll probably get yelled at for going off subject. But I think I have made my entry I did it while just making one for the internet so I am back in the game! it may be played out a little bit with the usual Naruto clips but I have gone using multiple animes to Eiffel 65's "Move your Body".
  11. I totally get that it is a bit early in the game to be planning it but it's that last year I saw the 2008 meeting up thread a day after Otakon. I really wanted to meet up with fellow AMV makers especially since last year for the weekend I mostly survived off of Gatorade, Fluff 'N' nutter sandwiches, Kusagi Gummi's, and vendor food. I really didn't wanna miss out on it this year and also for some of the newer con attendees, myself included, so they can catch early it as well. For this first time con goers pretty much everything is in walking distance due to it all being in the Inner Harbor
  12. Yea I don't think I'll be able to enter this year my original idea I scrapped cuz I wasn't impressed with it in the least and now I don't have an idea for my Otakon. But I dunno i might just contrive something up at the last moment. So hopefully I'll be against all of you!
  13. Man I already pullin my hair out cuz we have everything else worked out except for two things, the most important things too, Cash, but we got four months to save, and the really important one a ride Otakon. Man I feel as though I should be signing "it's a long road to Otakon!". Meh I figure something out but I can't wait!!! GEEK-GASM!!!!!!
  14. Is there going to be a meeting place this year? If so I suggest the outdoor bar at Hard Rock Cafe (weather permitting) but if the weather is bad I dunno.
  15. yea me too my rule of thumb is 1:00-5:00 your making a music video anything beyond 6:00 your making a trailer. If I have to push a video to 6 minutes+ then I will, and thats with open and close credits, but I mostly stay in the realm of under 5 minutes. Mostly due to as was said earlier it's just a snapshot of pop culture. If I find a song that is 6 minutes+ I'll see what I can do and how managiable it is. If it turns into mush I'll save what I can and put aside to make an amv hell. Also with the amv hells they don't have a center focal point such a songs and regular amv's which tell a s
  16. I hope they don't cut it any shorter or I may have to rethink my entry!!!
  17. ok my Kikuchiyu outfit fell through but I am already putting gears into motion for the creation of my AMV submission
  18. I'm a big guy and for 09 I'm gonna try and go as Kikuchiyo from Samurai 7. I watched the anime and thats me in a robot body
  19. hey there does anyone have any shots of the, I'm pretty sure, only Gluttony that was down there cuz I my friend didn't get any good pics of me and niether did so I was wondering if anyone got a picutre of me cosplaying as Gluttony. I've looked through just about all the links on here and by just about I mean all but "esw01407" links and I haven't found a single shot of me but I found some of the other Fullmetal Cosplayers. My head is shaved, probably a little nicked, and on Fri I had tape on my arms but on Sat I had Marker. If anyone has any pics please message me on here. I put majo
  20. I am already taking in steps to cosplay as "Kikuchiyo" from Samurai Seven and I haven't thought of a new amv to submit yet but I am getting an ish load of material such as Devil May Cry, Pumpkin Scissors, Samurai Seven, Ergo Proxy, and the list goes on! So you can count on something being in Otakon 2009 AMV Contest or overflow (which ever it is) from Otaku Madness Productions!!!!
  21. For it started back in High School when I found out one of my fellow classmates was a fellow Otaku. When he had on an Otakon I think it was 1999, It was the one that had Evagelion on it. Well I asked him about it after I had butchered the name and he told me that it was this huge anime convention down in Maryland. After that I was made a life milestone and that was "To go to atleast one Otakon before I die!". For the next four or five years I failed at attending Otakon whether it be ride down, financial situations, or even a good hotel. But this year I put my balls to the wall and I kicked ass
  22. awwww man I didn't make it!!!! Oh well there always next year!!!!
  23. I agree with most to the majority of stuff being said, such as with Youtube I'll search an amv and 9 out of 10 times I'll find one that blow monkey goobers and wonder why this person even attempted to make it. Then there are the ones where you can see the creators/directors/editors growth in making thier videos and it just keeps getting better and better. I haven't checked out the A-M-V.org site, in fact I had never heard of it till now but I'll check it out. As far as amv content I also like the ones that try to tell story that maybe the director/editor/creator wanted to tell you. But t
  24. Hi there I;m kinda in the same boat as Schala I sent mine through Priority Mail back in April and I haven't received any kind of notice in my email inbox and I am I guess kinda paranoid that it didn't get to it's destination Edison, New Jersey. How long of a wait do people that put it through the mail have to wait???
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