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  1. Just a note - all the Final Fantasy cosplay gatherings have relocated to the 4th floor since the 3rd floor terrace is going to be closed for the con.
  2. Just wanted to update everyone on the status of the Final Fantasy VI group going to Otakon - we now have every human playable character in the game, plus Kefka. Yes, you read that right. Terra Locke Celes Edgar Sabin Setzer Cyan Gau Shadow Relm Strago Gogo and KEFKA Look for us walking around ALL DAY on Saturday.....it'll be a blast! We'll be at the Final Fantasy all gathering on the 3rd floor on Sat afternoon, and then the FFVI gathering right after that. Can't wait!
  3. For everyone who might stumble across this thread looking for FF cosplay gathering times, here are the times for all-series: Friday: 2 PM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace Saturday: 3 PM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace Sunday: 11 AM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace For individual series: Final Fantasy VI: Saturday@4 PM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace Final Fantasy VII: Saturday@5 PM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace Sunday@11:30 AM, 3rd floor outdoor terrace
  4. An update on my last post: We now have a Relm, but our Edgar may not be able to come, so we're looking for a replacement Edgar. If anyone knows someone who would like to join a FF6 cosplay group for Otakon let me know!! Thanks!
  5. I'm heading up a Final Fantasy VI cosplay group for Saturday. So far there are 9 of us: Kefka Terra Celes Locke Sabin Edgar Shadow Gau Setzer If anyone would like to join us for one of the remaining characters, we would especially love a Cyan or a Relm!!! On Friday, I'll be game Tifa Lockhart, with my fiance coming with me as game Cloud.
  6. We have a Final Fantasy VI cosplay group planned for Otakon 09! I will be going as Shadow, with friends coming as Terra, Locke, Celes, Edgar, Sabin, and Setzer and maybe someone as Cyan. We're currently missing a Gau, Relm, Mog, Umaro, and Gogo. Hopefully we can recruit more people to come as the other playable characters. Look for us at the Masquerade! ^o^
  7. I have a few people I'd like to give shout outs to for great cosplays: The Seifer who took a picture with me at the FF photoshoot on Saturday at 1PM: http://picasaweb.google.com/runningdownwin...630378210552978 Totally in character and really awesome all around. Nanaki and Barrett cosplayers! http://picasaweb.google.com/runningdownwin...341959894523650 This gorgeous Fran from FFXII: http://picasaweb.google.com/runningdownwin...279018422647858 The lady who built this: http://picasaweb.google.com/runningdownwin...311423154248466 And the Doctor Who who so convenien
  8. If anyone has pictures from Saturday of a Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII (original game version), I would love to see them! I was walking around with a Robin from One Piece and a steampunk girl. Later that evening I also had a giant squishable hedgehog. I got stopped so many times in the hallway that I'm hoping a few of those people who took my picture can share I'm the Tifa in this photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/runningdownwin...341959894523650
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