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  1. Don't feel bad, I had my Nikon D40 and was maybe 15 rows back from center and still didn't get any really clear shots.
  2. I think that's the case for a lot of people, especially with the members' solo songs. With things as varied as DBZ, Utena, GaoGaiGar, Macross, One Piece, etc., on their individual resumes, there are probably a lot of people who didn't know they wanted to see the concert who missed it without knowing exactly the level of awesome it was. And that's why JAM pulled less than L'arc. And I still have Rocks playing in my head. SUPER ROBOT! (SUPER ROBOT!) SUPER ROBOT! (SUPER ROBOT!) WOOOAH! WOOOAH! WHOAAAAAAAA!
  3. I am sure many many people have asked this already, but... Will the concert footage/recording from JAM Project be ever release/sold one way or another? Either by Otakon or Lantis. Now I understand that in general US cons don't sell these sort of footage and it's up to the Japanese counterpart to do this. So if this is the case, can Otakon please pass on the word to the good folks at Lantis that American fans would love to see the concert footage once again? I'd be extremely willing to pay any amount to acquire a DVD release of it.
  4. 3 Tony Taka doujins (Bamboo Blade, Hayate, Stellva), 2 Tim Tim Machine Doujins (Onegai Teacher, Gundam Seed), and one Watsukiya Doujin (compilation) and a Aquastyle SRW Doujin music CD -- $120 JAM Project t-shirt and CD album (later autographed) -- $30 Hirano Aya's RIOT GIRL album -- $30 To-love-ru manga vol. 7,8,10 (wtfbbq for some reason vol9 was sold out) $18 Lucky Star manga vol.5 $12 Uma uma CD $6 School Rumble official file: $24 adds up to a bit less than $250
  5. OMG, Aresef, were you the one who was standing next to me during the first autograph session who asked the nice gentleman in the Zero cosplay to translate a message for your friend to JAM Project?
  6. I was just looking at Kageyama's blog and he seems rather ticked off that the Japanese media coverage of Otakon only mentioned the Kanou sisters and mentioned nothing about JAM Project. Apparently he said some bad word at the end of his blog post, but removed it later on. I did a quick search on Yahoo Japan news and the only two reports that had Otakon did in fact NOT mention JAM Project at all, which is extremely fail. Shame on you, Japanese media, shame on you. I can understand how Kageyama-sama feels when he did that blog post... (http://www.airblanca.com/paseo/diary/archives/523.html
  7. Hyakushiki your friends definitely missed out the thing that made the con as awesome. I pity them.
  8. LOL What are you talking about. Wotagei is a must at any concert (except Sakakibara Yui and Minorin's). According to my friends at like row 20 they could clearly see the dude in front row with 4 glowsticks (me) jumping up and down. My goal is to be the legendary eventer Wada equivalent of America. Unfortunately I missed Bandai surprise too because I had to help run the Gameshow... A little sad that I couldn't get pictures with them (I did it last year with Noto and Seki). I should have asked them straight out during the first autograph session because Bandai booth signing is d
  9. I think the one song they should have also performed was Asu he no Houkou, but doesn't take away from the epic of the concert nevertheless.
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