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  1. wow these Ideas are amazing. I have figured it out and it will be explained on a video soon. Thankyou for the suggestiong they are like I said amazing.
  2. Ok then thanks for the info. I'll come up with something different. How About Rock paper scissors or if anyone has any suggestions let me know. This is my first time doing something like this.
  3. Well here's an update. I maynot beable to post the times like I wanted but I will get the video out. So far it looks like the best times would be in the evening when all tof the events are wrapping up. Sorry the video is taking solong My camera needs batterie however it should be up bu the first week ing July. Keep checking for updates. Also I would like to add that I have nothing against ninjas I just like pirates a little more but ninjas are still cool. Hope to see ya at Otakon. 48 DAYS LEFT!!!!!
  4. Attention Ninja Cosplayers especially Naruto Akatsuki cosplayers, I present to you THE GREAT NINJA CHALLENGE!!! I will be dressed as a simple pirate for small portions of all three convention days. During which time I am accepting challenges from any and all ninja. I stand to prove that a single pirate can fair in battle against any ninja. Keep cheaking this post. I will set up times as well as a link to a youtube video further explaining the challenge. Hope to see you there.
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