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    Name: Liz Age: 20 Cosplaying As: Queen Emereldas from the Harlock series Interests: Anime, cosplay, comic books, history, pirates, spongebob yep there i said it. Hobbies: Painting, drawing, photography, video games Anything extra: in person im kinda shy. Otakon was the first place i made friends without hesitation. I have been going since 2007 with my twin sister. i am very particular about the anime i like. i don normally go forwhats popular at the moment unless it really is s awesome as people tel me. I like Hetalia but at the moment i think the fandome is too insane for me so ill hold off on any hetalia related cosplays. I mostly go for action comedy and bloddy gory horror stuff but occasionally comething cute and fluffy makes it to my attention.