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  1. I'm cutting this more than a little close, and since i can't find the cosplay LJ comm, i thought i'd ask here. First question being, does anyone know of any place to get uniforms that could pass for Liet's, specifically in the Baltimore area? I asked my uncle & he apparently doesn't know where i'm going to get anything, & he's supposedly the guy-who-knows-where-to-find-military-uniforms. Second question being, if i can't do military Liet, would i be a total cop out lame-o if i just kind of dressed like he does in Meeting of the World? Would anyone even get who i was? (I already ca
  2. (blinks) Oh, bugger, i need to get myself in gear. (fretfretfret) I still need to do.... pretty much *everything.* (is so dumb; ahh ha)
  3. One again, i'm coming alone & rooming with strangers... but i hope to meet up with people this year.
  4. I knew exactly who you were going to be cosplaying the minute i saw the username. xD (life is made) Hope you have fun at your first Otakon~. (Last year was my first time going.)
  5. (takes five minutes to register topic) Ah... i was going to try & be Lithuania, as well, because he's the only one i look a bit like. But i haven't really been able to start putting anything together as of yet, so.... (Ahh, but it feels a little awkward, what with other people doing the same..?) A meetup would be so wonderfully awesome. If a little intimidating....
  6. I won't eat! 8D Though, seriously, i don't think i went ridiculously overboard last year (my first year), so i just have to budget more. (Especially since i can't get a job; eurgh.) Though this year is worrisome if i want to try cosplaying... But i think this year i'm mostly going to meet up with people more than anything else, so. (I actually didn't buy much in the dealer's room; the little i like is fairly obscure.) And i concur with those who like California Tortilla.
  7. I'd like to go again ('08 being my first year & all), but if i can't find someone to room with like i did last year, i don't think i can. But it would be nice. However, i also don't think i'll get excited at all until it gets closer, but that's just me...
  8. Now i don't know who to cosplay as or if i even will (money, i have a wig aversion, & i am no seamstress by any stretch of the imaginations).... Oh well. Whatever happens, happens, right? Though it would probably be slightly easier to find people of similar fandoms if one was dressed as a certain character... :\
  9. I only went once, on Friday, & the lady at the ordering counter was polite. Everyone else was understandably rushed & harried.
  10. OMFG!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! I've been wanting to cosplay as either Cesia, Lim Kanna, or Ruwalk.... But I didn't thing anyone would know who I was cosplaying TT-TT
  11. I have ideas for two. The first one is maybe going as Hayase Misa from Macross (or Lisa Hayes, if you're a strictly Robotech person). The second idea i had was going as someone from Dragon Knights (Alfeegi! I'll bring papers! And yell at you!), but i don't want to attempt to dye my hair aqua & then have no one there who doesn't get it. ._. I know there were at least some DK people at Otakon, so maybe.... Of course, neither character wears glasses & i do, but whatever. It doesn't seem too big a deal, right? And then there's feeling kind of self-conscious about one's looks in
  12. Aww, i only saw a bunch of Tens... I may have seen a Four, though, but i didn't see the place in the Aleey, nor any Romanas. But it makes me glad that some people know about old school Who.
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