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  1. Almost the entirety of the past two pages of this thread have been nothing but an argument. As a first-time attendee of Otakon, I found this to be most disheartening. It serves only to harm the excited outlook that some first-timers may have about attending Otakon. If my reservation at the Sheraton Inner Harbor and flight were not confirmed such chatter might be enough to persuade me not to attend. So rather than argue about what has or has not been the general trend in attendee behavior over the past five years, I should like to say that this effort would be better spent discussing what can b
  2. I'm very excited to be attending Otakon for my first time this year, and after reading through the message boards about past Otakons, I've decided to fly solo in from Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday around 4:00pm-ish rather than on Friday. I don't yet know anyone so I'm eager to be inducted into the the whole thing. So long as nobody minds a newbie to the whole convention thing I'd love to try and meet some people at a get-together on Thursday night!
  3. This will be my first time coming to Otakon (as well as my first post!) and I'll be flying up from Charleston, South Carolina via US Airways with a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. It should be interesting as I've never flown by myself before and tend to get lost inside of a paper bag, haha. Fortunately, I managed to get a room at the Sheraton Inner Harbor so at least I won't have to travel far. I'm excited to meet everyone because I don't know a single person who has ever gone to Otakon so I'll have to wander by myself until I meet some people.
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