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  1. Don't get your hopes up. I saved an image of the April Fool's page for posterity so I can wax nostalgic when I'm 60 and still wearing a mask.
  2. I'm hoping virtual cons are only a temporary thing. We're living in an age of physical isolation enough as it is. I miss the energy and fun of in-person cons and I hope some of them survive this whole mess.
  3. Governor Hogan is lifting many if not most of the COVID related capacity restrictions for restaurants and businesses in Maryland. Large venues like convention centers will be allowed back up to 50% capacity effective March 12th. I'm wondering how soon DC will follow suit. With thousands of national guardsmen and steel fences around much of the capitol, I'll be pleasantly surprised if Otakon goes off this year. Too bad it isn't in the BCC this year...
  4. Met a guy on my UPS delivery route who runs a smoke shop. Talking to him one day when I delivered he mentioned how he was worn out from a busy weekend because he had a convention to go to. I casually said "oh, like some sort of tobacco industry con?" He hesitated before saying "no....uh an anime convention." I asked him was it Otakon. "....yes...." Once I broke the ice he went full on fanboy. It was pretty funny. I still see his car every now and then with a NERV sticker on the back and a Zero Two sticker with "WAIFU" written across her face.
  5. Honestly, 2021 is going to be another bust for anime conventions and as mentioned in other posts, I'll be impressed and pleasantly surprised if many of them come back at all. This pandemic has permanently changed the fandom and not for the better. You mean Fauci, specifically....
  6. I don't plan on it unless I'm forced to in order to attend a convention and if that happens, then I might just ditch cons entirely. My job exposes me to covid hazards every day and I haven't had so much as a sniffle since this whole thing started. Both my wife and mother-in-law got it and were asymptomatic. I was tested and came back negative. Maybe I'm lucky and my cells are hard at work. Who knows. I think the entire convention industry is going to undergo a massive "reboot" after this pandemic scales down. I personally don't think large fan-run cons like Otakon will survive in their
  7. Nekocon is a great convention. It's a big small convention. Great facility and incredibly easy to access since the HRCC has a massive parking lot, free of charge.
  8. I'm sure many of you have received the email from Brooke Zerrlaut about the future of Otakon. The prognosis certainly doesn't sound positive but I'm wondering if there are any long-term plans to reboot the convention in the future if the con does in fact permanently close its doors in its current form. It seems many large fan-run conventions will not make a full recovery from this and the con industry in general is going to take a massive hit, especially those like Otakon that will potentially lose 2 years worth of attendance. (Others like Katsucon were lucky enough to squeeze in before the
  9. At this point I'm hoping for Nekocon in November 2021 and that's it. I haven't bothered to register for Otakon and I doubt I will just to be disappointed again. In regards to the vaccination "mega-site" I'm predicting a repeat of last year where the WWCC was "Desperately needed" as a field hospital then wound up sitting empty.
  10. I'll be happy if there's an Otakon at all this year...
  11. Honestly I plan on waiting until well into the New Year to try and pick one up. I've got a list of Ps4 anime titles that I've been wanting to play anyway. I went 10 months before getting a Ps4 all those years ago. However, the way Sony handled the whole pre-order launch was a total disaster. I'm not really sure what they were thinking (or not thinking).
  12. I have every badge starting from way back in Otakon 2004 and I have an old T-shirt from Otakon 2005. I have programs from the past 6 or so years. My older ones were sadly lost during a mass attic cleanout.
  13. Harborplace seems indicative of the current economic state of both malls and Baltimore in particular. Sad to see how its declined in the 30 years I've lived in MD. Send in Manny Khoshbin to fix it up!
  14. Man I feel old watching these and they only go back to 2013.....and I've been going since 2004...
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