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  1. KyoKyo

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    I hope they do a "best of AMVs" segment for the last 25 years (or however far back they had the AMV contest) for all the best in shows. I know they did something similar for the Baltimore years.
  2. I'll believe it when I see it. High-speed rail isn't particularly profitable in the US and the logistics would be a nightmare.
  3. KyoKyo

    Nekocon 2018 Feedback

    Anyone get to go to Nekocon in Hampton, VA this past weekend? We had a lot of fun and I FINALLY got to see Eric Stuart at a con and got a CD signed by him. The Cells at Work photoshoot was a ton of fun as we formed a parade that marched to the theme song through the entire convention center. Dealer's room merch was decent although I felt the artist's room was down in size this year. It seemed that the attendance was down from last year and I was disappointed at the number of panels and anime showings that were cancelled. (I think about half of the scheduled anime viewings were cancelled and replaced by something else.) What did you think? Nekocon hasn't had a forum for a number of years now so I figured here's as good a place as any!
  4. KyoKyo

    How was your hotel?

    I've noticed that incidental deposits seem to vary from hotel to hotel. The Holiday Inn Express that we stay at during Nekocon merely asks for a credit card in case of damages but does not apply any charges to your account. However we stayed at a LaQuinta a few weeks back that asked for a $250 deposit for incidentals that took 2 weeks to reimburse.
  5. XD I actually have a Team GoodSmile racing Miku lanyard that I wore. I had people asking me "we saw the FGO lanyards but where are they giving out Miku lanyards?!?!" I had to send them away disappointed.
  6. Agreed. I feel that anime con opening ceremonies in general get more and more lackluster and disorganized each year.
  7. KyoKyo

    How was your hotel?

    The Renaissance was good as usual although the parking costs nearly killed me... However, I am hopeful that the change in dates for next year means we will miss the formal ball/dance held on Saturday night in the Renaissance. Having drunks scream racial epithets and profanities in the hallway at 3am is a wonderful way to interrupt a good night's sleep, especially with an infant in the room.
  8. This has been an Otakon tradition for years. It's truly my only recurring, major gripe about Otakon and they've done little to fix it over the years.
  9. - Not really sure about this first point. Otakon had a ton of Japanese and Korean guests this year, more than I've seen in awhile. - Agree on this point. It was frustrating that so much of it was not communicated via Guidebook and instead Otakon preferred to use FB to relay that information. - Again, I thought the Japanese guest list was impressive. - Agree- it didn't dawn on us until Saturday evening that it was the 25th anniversary. - I'm sort of mixed on this. We went to both concerts and I agree that much of what the "New Worlds" ensemble played on Sunday could have been handled by the "Distant Worlds" symphony on Friday. They even played several of the same pieces such as To Zanarkand and One-Winged Angel. I appreciate Otakon trying to make the FF music available to everyone by having it at different times but it did feel a little redundant. - Agree -I was in the WEWCC by 9:30 am every day and I thought the bag check went smoothly. We stayed at the Renaissance DC so maybe that's why since I heard the tunnel from the Marriott was problematic. One suggestion to Otakorp- PLEASE give bullhorns to staffers who are managing lines for large panels. I saw them being utilized by the Dealer's Room staff but not in many other places. For example, the lines for the "Worst Dubs of All Time" panel on Saturday night in 151A and whatever hentai panel was next to it was getting very clogged and the staffer managing it had to constantly scream out instructions as to where the overflow line was. Given that the lines were spilling out into a thoroughfare where people travel, his voice was easily drowned out and several of us wound up getting in the wrong line. I felt that line management was good otherwise, despite the uptick in attendance.
  10. Kira Buckland, Alexis Tipton and Jamie Marchi for dub VAs. For the musical guest I'd love Goose House. Not sure how feasible that is though....
  11. KyoKyo

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Mine came in this afternoon. Thanks Otakon for making this a smooth and painless process. I'm liking the clear plastic badges this year. They feel "official"
  12. KyoKyo

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    There's bound to be a few hiccups here and there since it's a new system. Otakon does a lot better job with this sort of thing than most other cons that's for sure.
  13. KyoKyo

    Guest Request: 2015

    I concur. It's been years since Steve Blum was at Otakon and I've never seen Lex Lang. On a side note, Origa coming to Yomacon was a flop- apparently the TSA wouldn't let her into good old 'MURICA so she had to live stream her concert from across the Great Lakes in Canada. 'MURICA. That means Otakon should try for her....
  14. KyoKyo

    Guest Request: 2015

    See this response earlier in the thread (bolding is mine for emphasis): Origa appeared at Anime Boston last year, and now Youmacon this year. So given the above quote from alabaster, I'd say that makes an Otakon appearance less likely, given their general policy towards musical guests. I figured but it's worth a shot. A pity they JUST announced her for Youmacon, considering I blew nearly $300.00 on Nekocon, hotels etc. which is the week after. Oh well. Guess my buddy will have to take really nice videos on his iPad.....