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  1. Went ahead and submitted my form, however when I registered on the FTP server, I didn't receive a confirmation email with a password so I'm unable to login and upload my video. I sent an email (to you I think😁) earlier today to see if I need to try something else.
  2. Thanks for the link. My fear was that Otakon would post the submission info close to the deadline and that I would miss it. I've had my AMV finished since March and have been eagerly waiting!
  3. Consider me a submission lol. I'm just waiting for the official announcement.
  4. Hello! I am planning on submitting a video for the AMV contest this year and was wondering when the submission window was going to open up. Will it be posted on the website? Thanks
  5. EDIT: Seems Maryland has not reached the 70% threshold yet but rather according to WJZ: " Hogan announced earlier this week that he would lift all capacity restrictions at businesses around the state on Saturday, but said the indoor mask mandate would remain until 70% of the adult population received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, he changed his mind following the CDC announcement."
  6. Interesting. I had heard on WJZ that the indoor mandate would be lifted once the state reached 70%. Didn't realize it had gotten that high that quickly.
  7. Sort of. The indoor mask mandate will still be in place in MD until 70% of adults are vaccinated according to Hogan.
  8. Interesting. Good to see AwesomeCon is going as planned. I'm very interested to see how hotels will respond. We all know how attendees pack into these hotel rooms like sardines. Wonder if hotels will mandate room capacity limits. Can you imagine the elevator situation?
  9. If Otakon mandates vaccines like Blerdcon, I'm wondering if they will offer refunds for those who have already pre-registered but will not be vaccinated.
  10. As of this Friday, Maryland Governor Hogan is removing all indoor COVID requirements (minus masks) ranging from restaurants to large-scale ticketed events like sports and conventions. He said he hopes to remove the mask mandate by Memorial Day once the state hits a 70% vaccination rate of at least 1 round of vaccines per adult over 18. Maryland is currently sitting at 65%.
  11. That's good news. We'll be happy to attend regardless and I hope enough people decide to go so Otakon can recoup some of its losses.
  12. I'll still be surprised if Otakon happens. I was under the impression that DC needed to be in Phase 4 of reopening for an event the size of Otakon to happen and last I checked DC was still only in phase 2. With large-scale indoor venues being relegated to 25% capacity as of May 1st, Otakon will be a shell of its former self with a majority of members not being able to attend. There's also confusion coming out of the Mayor's office as to mask and business guidelines. Hopefully it gets cleared up. DC seems to be one of those places in the US that will be the last to resume "normal o
  13. Don't get your hopes up. I saved an image of the April Fool's page for posterity so I can wax nostalgic when I'm 60 and still wearing a mask.
  14. I'm hoping virtual cons are only a temporary thing. We're living in an age of physical isolation enough as it is. I miss the energy and fun of in-person cons and I hope some of them survive this whole mess.
  15. Governor Hogan is lifting many if not most of the COVID related capacity restrictions for restaurants and businesses in Maryland. Large venues like convention centers will be allowed back up to 50% capacity effective March 12th. I'm wondering how soon DC will follow suit. With thousands of national guardsmen and steel fences around much of the capitol, I'll be pleasantly surprised if Otakon goes off this year. Too bad it isn't in the BCC this year...
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