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  1. Nekocon 2017- Who's going?

    Several years ago I thought about volunteering at Nekocon. A staffer literally said to me "no don't do that....you'll hate cons forever if you do" lol.
  2. Anyone headed down to Hampton, VA for Nekocon this year? It's my favorite con to end the year with and they always manage to pull off some cool, unique events and/or content. They're the first con to get 2B (Kira Buckland) and 9S (Kyle McCarley) to appear as guests at the same time this year! It's at a great venue and its probably the easiest con to get autographs at.
  3. Hotels

    I'm content waiting for the Renaissance. My experience this year convinced me to forego the tunnel and stay at the hotel that hung over a dozen anime wall scrolls all over the lobby and had anime-themed drink discounts. Bottoms up!
  4. Convention food not yet charged?

    A little late but I JUST got the charges for my Sunday afternoon burger from the convention center. All my other food from the weekend was charged the day of. Weird.
  5. Number of attendees?

    I'm glad that the MLP content at Otakon has been kept to a minimum.
  6. The arrest?

    Was he riding a bike? There was a guy with a megaphone riding a bike on Friday morning yelling profanities as he rode by.
  7. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Lol it's always funny how if you say something like that people think you're a perv yet it's probably running through the minds of at least half the people at the con.
  8. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I know this topic has been beaten to death but based on some of the comments, particularly on the actual YouTube video itself, I think people are being unfair and downright nasty to this guy. Yes, he seems like a bit of a "broski" but I didn't get the impression that he was trying to pull off anything illegal or uncouth. Instead of bludgeoning the guy in the comments section, someone could explain to him what the convention was, what the policies are etc and try to welcome him back for next year. We do a disservice to ourselves and the con itself if that's the impression we give. As many posters stated before, there are plenty of cons with communal public areas (like Katsucon) where you don't need a badge to take pictures.
  9. Agreed. Aun&Hide was the hidden gem of Otakon this year. Jim- please bring back more traditional guests next year. The Yoshida Brothers in 2010, Aun&Hide and Capital City Budokai were a really great addition, especially for the older fans who happen to be history buffs I would like to see the traditional guests featured more during the opening ceremonies to get the word out. The attendance for Sunday's performance was way too low for such a cool act.
  10. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    The front desk agent explained to us that the $12 option was the "free" wi-fi option. Even the slip of paper in the room card envelope told us to pick the $12 option but it never stated it was free. The Renaissance really needs to make it more explicit next year.
  11. I can't agree with you more. I heard so many people complaining that "it was a waste." Do you want more thorough and longer checks for next year? The WEWCC staff handled it wonderfully.
  12. Good: Massive space, digital signs and great egress and crowd logistics made getting to panels and events really easy. We did more this year than ever before. The Alchemy and Japanese Mythology panels were very well done. I also love having Kyle Hebert do his geek talk at 2pm on Sunday when everyone is about to suffer post-con depression. Its a nice way to end the weekend. The Red Coats- no not the British type but the WEWCC staff were, for the most part, informative, pleasant, loud and really seemed to know how to handle large crowd logistics. The Ota-Museum staff. If you wandered into that corner of the con you found friendly older staffers who regaled you with stories of cons past in an interesting setting. Kind of a cool, out of the way place. Jim Vowles- thanks as always for being patient and informative when people bombard you with questions. Aun & Hide- a truly wonderful performance that did not get the attendance it deserved. Bad: The Friday pre-reg line snafu. Thankfully the staffers responded pretty quickly after we told them. Voice Actors After Dark- didn't seem as well MC'd or funny as in years past and seemed to always go into activism related topics. Aun & Hide concert- I was saddened by the lack of attendance. There were only about 150 or so people in the giant ballroom for what was an amazing performance. It seems a lot of the traditional Japanese cultural events/panels get low attendance. Capital City Budokai was lightly attended also. Ugly: The sound mixing at the TMR/JAM project concert. I thought my ears were going to bleed from the incredibly high, static and "trebly" sound. I understand Otakon staff have little control over A/V especially when it comes to featured musical guests but there were quite a few people covering their ears from the painful volume. We actually left halfway through.
  13. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    You shouldnt've had to pay for your Wi-Fi, at least not from Friday to Sunday. I'd check your bill as I know ours was free