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  1. I'm more curious if these vaccine policies are going to exist for years to come or in perpetuity. At this point, covid is endemic and will be with us for a long time. With most places having returned to "normal" months ago, I wonder if Otakorp is going to require vaccines for Otakon 2035? Look at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They were mandating vaccines and then suddenly did an about face after a few weeks after the decision and no longer require them. Anime conventions seem to be the outliers.
  2. Not entirely. They recommended that people be vaccinated but didn't require proof nor state that you had to be.
  3. Thanks for trying to keep everyone safe. The staffers I encountered were professional and reasonable and from what I saw, the mask enforcement was applied consistently
  4. Thank you for addressing this specific issue. It appears that Nekocon is going to try this very approach this year, going so far as to issue a no sleeping/lounging in common areas in the convention center order as well as reduced capacity/social distancing in all events according to their FB page. Conventions and convention centers by their very nature are not designed to be socially distanced and spread out and if you decide to do that it can create additional logistical headaches as you mentioned. The HRCC isn't very big and I'm curious to see if they will have line problems with peopl
  5. The History of Metroid (I forgot the actual name) This was a great panel and the host was really knowledgeable. I had no idea there was so much additional manga and media related to the Metroid series until I attended. Hope he comes back next year. The Kabuki panel and demonstration I've always been curious about the history and purpose of kabuki and the Professor did an awesome job both explaining the history and performing some basic kabuki for us. The schedule said it was supposed to go for 2 hours but ended earlier than expected which was a shame. I would've loved to see mor
  6. It was strange to see homeless camps and boarded up restaurants amongst $500,000 mini condos and people driving around in Porsches. We walked to the Irish pub we've frequented in the past only to find it boarded up. On the way to the Irish Channel pub we were probably asked about 6 or 7 times for money or food from the local homeless. Between that and the rising homicide rate, it's sad to see the nation's capital in such a strange state.
  7. Ok, you knew the risks of attending a non-vaccine mandated event but assumed below-normal attendance because of covid hesitancy and decided to go banking on lower numbers. That's all on you. Of course I'm concerned for Otakon's reputation but there's a ton of other things that could also be labelled as "super spreaders." Sturgis, Lollapalooza, Awesome-Con (as of right now.) Even AnimeNYC and Station Unity with their recently updated vaccine mandate. It's going to happen with large indoor venues and people need to understand the risks.
  8. If you were that anxious then you should have known the risks before you arrived.
  9. Good: The Otakon staff for putting all of this together in just a few months The attendees and masks- I didn't see any instances of attendees abusing the mask policy. People self-regulated, were considerate and respected the mask policy. The Japanese Cultural Embassy. I'm THRILLED Otakon brought them in especially since Katsucon gutted them from their con budget in 2020. The kabuki panel and demonstration was especially interesting and Capitol Area Budokai is always a welcomed guest. The staffer in access control who works the line up in Main Events. He has long hair an
  10. Capped at what? Otakon has to make a certain amount for the convention to continue to operate even with the donations they received. Capping the attendance is going to put a dent in their operating costs. Seating in pods would have been a logistical hurdle and cost even more money. Otakon did have a mask mandate. I heard your feedback at the feedback panel and I think that the mask enforcement was equally enforced. I can't think of a single instance within the convention center where a con goer had their mask off when they weren't eating or sitting and eating. The only area wher
  11. I sure hope Otakon doesn't cancel with less than 24 hours lol. Also I'm hoping that the local DC government isn't as drastic as DeBlasio but who knows...
  12. Otakon said during their Twitch Q&A that there will be both this year. In fact there were a lot of vendors rolling over their applications from last year.
  13. That will pose some refund issues if the convention decides to enact a big policy change with less than 7 days. Booked flights, hotels etc that will suddenly have to be cancelled if unvaccinated attendees bow out at the last minute.
  14. Except when eating. That's when COVID mysteriously disappears only to reappear when you get up to go to the bathroom
  15. Hello! I was wondering what the parking situation at the Marquis Marriott is. The hotel website states $60/day valet parking (oof) but I was wondering if the hotel has an underground lot. Otherwise, I'll have to park beneath the Renaissance across the street like I have in previous years. I checked google maps as well and it doesn't indicate a garage underneath the Marriott.
  16. I'm honestly thinking of doing that since the Marriott's parking prices are obscene. Might take the metro in from New Carrollton.
  17. Great thanks. I was trying to bring some breakfast food since I don't feel like paying a ton of money for overpriced bagels and coffee. Guess it's Greek yogurt and granola in the morning XD
  18. Quick question- for anyone who's stayed at the Marriott, do the rooms have microwaves? I saw under their amenities section that they have refrigerators but didn't see microwaves. I've also stayed at a few cons where the hotels don't have microwaves listed but are in the rooms. I called and sat on hold so I figured I'd check here. Thanks
  19. I feel as if Otakon has really lost its relevancy as an industry con over the past 5 or so years, and I don't mean just because of covid. I remember back in the late 00s when Geneon and Funimation used to set up big photoshoot displays in the Dealer's Room. Now we usually get a kiosk with DVDs and freebie posters given away at 2pm on Sunday while everyone is on the way out.
  20. With a large portion of the attendees most likely wearing cloth masks, I really question whether or not they will be of much use.
  21. Hello! Does anyone know when the 2021 AMV contest finalists will be announced? (or have they been already) Thanks!
  22. My group is still going. We're young and healthy and statistically the least at risk. If we have to deal with wearing stupid masks for the weekend then so be it. Otakon is trying to find a happy medium and I can understand why since they're the first big con to get back up and running again. I just hope enough attendees come to keep Otakon in the black for years to come.
  23. I hope Wild Bill's soda fountain shows up. They were at Nekocon two years ago and have a great deal where you can get 50% off all refills all weekend if you buy one of their stainless steel mugs.
  24. Went ahead and submitted my form, however when I registered on the FTP server, I didn't receive a confirmation email with a password so I'm unable to login and upload my video. I sent an email (to you I thinkšŸ˜) earlier today to see if I need to try something else.
  25. Thanks for the link. My fear was that Otakon would post the submission info close to the deadline and that I would miss it. I've had my AMV finished since March and have been eagerly waiting!
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