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  1. The policy was unevenly enforced. I saw some people being told to discard their gatorade bottles and small snack bags while others like myself were allowed to come in with mini Dasani bottles, beef jerky, granola and other stuff.
  2. The Good: The line management and overall logistics were massively improved this year. Staff were courteous and informative and it didn't take us very long to figure something out if we were unsure or lost. The autograph line was massively improved for this year. It's typically been an Otakon tradition that something goes wrong with the autograph line but I was surprised how smoothly things were handled The Bad: I was disappointed with the focus on hip hop this year for the musical guests. This isn't necessarily bad rather its not my preference but I was hoping for a greater variety of a
  3. Same here. Leaving NH and should arrive by the 15th. Less than 2 weeks now!
  4. Kind of curious myself. It seems really late this year to be mailing them.
  5. Mine came in this afternoon. Thanks Otakon for making this a smooth and painless process. I'm liking the clear plastic badges this year. They feel "official"
  6. There's bound to be a few hiccups here and there since it's a new system. Otakon does a lot better job with this sort of thing than most other cons that's for sure.
  7. I concur. It's been years since Steve Blum was at Otakon and I've never seen Lex Lang. On a side note, Origa coming to Yomacon was a flop- apparently the TSA wouldn't let her into good old 'MURICA so she had to live stream her concert from across the Great Lakes in Canada. 'MURICA. That means Otakon should try for her....
  8. See this response earlier in the thread (bolding is mine for emphasis): Origa appeared at Anime Boston last year, and now Youmacon this year. So given the above quote from alabaster, I'd say that makes an Otakon appearance less likely, given their general policy towards musical guests. I figured but it's worth a shot. A pity they JUST announced her for Youmacon, considering I blew nearly $300.00 on Nekocon, hotels etc. which is the week after. Oh well. Guess my buddy will have to take really nice videos on his iPad.....
  9. SO OTAKON...... Youmacon managed to get Origa to appear this year.....any reason that the second largest anime convention in the USA can't get her?
  10. Why wish you become Jedi? hmmm??

  11. after a hot and sweaty Ergo Proxy costume last year, i'm sticking with captain harlock this year. Can't beat a classic
  12. Since i live in the area, my friends and i drive to otakon and save around $250 since no hotel, but im getting married 3 weeks later so i have to conserve on money. I tried to convince my fiancee to have a pre-honeymoon at otakon but she thinks anime is weird.
  13. Is it a bad thing that I'm already saving money for otakon '09 and not my wedding/honeymoon which will be 3 weeks later? Maybe otakon can be the honeymoon?
  14. letsee: pre-reg: $55 Food: $35.00 Rouroni Kenshin box set: $60 tenjho tenge vol. 6- $25 pocky: $15 parking: $20 ergo proxy costume materials: $80 weight lost: 3 lbs.
  15. I think the Laura Bailey panel was the best. I would never have thought that Ms. Bailey would say p*nis 3 times in a few seconds
  16. My buddies and I thought we were weird for feeling so depressed. Its nice to see we're not alone. We treat Otakon like a High Holy Weekend. We get more excited about it than Christmas! After the con, we sat in my friends basement for two days eating Sunchips and watching Tenjho Tenge, Ergo Proxy and playing Dead or Alive Extreme 2 (and YES we actually play it.) It's kinda sad when you see the badges of past otakons hanging from the corner of a picture frame and the scattered contents of your otakon bag strewn all over the place from your living room to the back seat of the car. I gu
  17. Also, did anyone see the Griffith from Berserk on Friday? Figures as soon as he walks by, my digital camera died. He looked very good and you rarely see Berserk cosplayers, I guess due to the difficulty of making all that armor etc.
  18. did anyone get a picture of the Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X that was walking around on Saturday? I saw him meandering around the "Tales Of..." photoshoot up on the third floor outside the HD Theatre. Also, does anyone have a picture of the Ergo Proxy (me)? I went around on Friday as him and was wondering if anyone had any good shots? It was such a fun costume =D
  19. i know! otakon keeps getting better and bigger every year. Ellen Stern at the Epcar and Stern Q&A panel said that anime is slowing down, but at otakon you sure can't tell
  20. my tent is packed and ready to go for the pre-reg line! My fiancee is happy that otakon '09 isnt falling on our wedding date of August 8th, otherwise i might've had to postpone!! I suggested that we have the wedding at otakon but that didn't go over well.... o.o
  21. Letsee: -Volume 6 of Tenjho Tenge, -The entire first season of Rouroni Kenshin, -a Zero Suit Samus poster from the Artists Alley -and a mudkip, in honor of 4chan NOT being there (thank God) I also spent 50 bucks on Pocky and steak and onion subs from Blimpie in the Bank of America building =D
  22. yeah Thursday moves quickly. To pass the time, a buddy and I am planning on dressing up like rick astley and carrying a stereo around playing "never gonna give you up". yes it has been done before at otakon but hey it sure is fun, plus i love the reactions you get from passign cars. =D
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