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  1. I mean it was bound to happen. Miku Expo DC was in the heart of covid-19 territory in PG county. With all the turmoil this year, it's probably for the best anyway. Here's hoping Nekocon in November goes on, but I doubt that too.
  2. Miku Expo in DC will be next on the chopping block
  3. It would be cool if you guys had some limited 2020 merch available at other cons later in the year or into next year at the booths you usually set up. I typically attend Nekocon in the beginning of November and you guys typically have a booth there. I'm saving all my "lost 2020" merchandise.
  4. So DC is planning on using the WWCC as an alternate care facility into August? If it gets to the point where they're actually using it that late into the summer, we'll have more problems than just cancelled anime cons. Personally I feel that Otakon and Events DC is playing it on the safe side. I'm going to be in DC the first week in August. I'll be curious to see if the convention center is actually being used or will be standing empty. Hopefully Otakon can recoup some of the financial losses such as facility expenses etc.
  5. Even if things start to clear up, Otakon is a poster child for a coronavirus "resurgence." 30k people all packed into a confined area right as a pandemic is winding down, I can't imagine DC allowing such an event to take place. Looks like the rescheduled Miku Expo is the next thing to look forward to. It's sad. It's like 2020 never happened. Wasted spring, wasted summer.
  6. Honestly I will be pleasantly surprised if Otakon actually happens this year. Even if the pandemic begins to subside by the summer, there is still a huge risk factor and a chance of a temporary resurgence of the illness as people begin to go back to their daily lives and interact with one another. For now I'm banking on Nekocon in November.
  7. Go check out Somali and the Forest Spirit. It's almost finished airing on CR and the dub is on episode 5. Also... Oresuki Fate/Zero Fire Force Interviews with Monster Girls Yurucamp (just a few of the top of my head)
  8. I think I know who you're talking about. Pretty sure he did a Kancolle panel at Katsucon last year and drove my wife up the wall with the uhms. I think he may have also co-hosted the beer in Japan panel this year.
  9. I've been going to Otakon since '04 and have watched as the industry presence has slowly diminished over the years. I remember the days in Baltimore when Geneon was still around and they had an enormous Hellsing photoshoot set and Funimation had a sign the size of a car hanging from the ceiling. It seems that the move to DC has further diminished their presence. The industry hardly makes a showing at even smaller east coast cons nowadays.
  10. The policy was unevenly enforced. I saw some people being told to discard their gatorade bottles and small snack bags while others like myself were allowed to come in with mini Dasani bottles, beef jerky, granola and other stuff.
  11. The Good: The line management and overall logistics were massively improved this year. Staff were courteous and informative and it didn't take us very long to figure something out if we were unsure or lost. The autograph line was massively improved for this year. It's typically been an Otakon tradition that something goes wrong with the autograph line but I was surprised how smoothly things were handled The Bad: I was disappointed with the focus on hip hop this year for the musical guests. This isn't necessarily bad rather its not my preference but I was hoping for a greater variety of a
  12. Same here. Leaving NH and should arrive by the 15th. Less than 2 weeks now!
  13. Kind of curious myself. It seems really late this year to be mailing them.
  14. Mine came in this afternoon. Thanks Otakon for making this a smooth and painless process. I'm liking the clear plastic badges this year. They feel "official"
  15. There's bound to be a few hiccups here and there since it's a new system. Otakon does a lot better job with this sort of thing than most other cons that's for sure.
  16. I concur. It's been years since Steve Blum was at Otakon and I've never seen Lex Lang. On a side note, Origa coming to Yomacon was a flop- apparently the TSA wouldn't let her into good old 'MURICA so she had to live stream her concert from across the Great Lakes in Canada. 'MURICA. That means Otakon should try for her....
  17. See this response earlier in the thread (bolding is mine for emphasis): Origa appeared at Anime Boston last year, and now Youmacon this year. So given the above quote from alabaster, I'd say that makes an Otakon appearance less likely, given their general policy towards musical guests. I figured but it's worth a shot. A pity they JUST announced her for Youmacon, considering I blew nearly $300.00 on Nekocon, hotels etc. which is the week after. Oh well. Guess my buddy will have to take really nice videos on his iPad.....
  18. SO OTAKON...... Youmacon managed to get Origa to appear this year.....any reason that the second largest anime convention in the USA can't get her?
  19. Why wish you become Jedi? hmmm??

  20. after a hot and sweaty Ergo Proxy costume last year, i'm sticking with captain harlock this year. Can't beat a classic
  21. Since i live in the area, my friends and i drive to otakon and save around $250 since no hotel, but im getting married 3 weeks later so i have to conserve on money. I tried to convince my fiancee to have a pre-honeymoon at otakon but she thinks anime is weird.
  22. Is it a bad thing that I'm already saving money for otakon '09 and not my wedding/honeymoon which will be 3 weeks later? Maybe otakon can be the honeymoon?
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