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  1. the MTA does a decent job compensating for the trains, if they're out, with the MTA buses. You'll have to plan ahead and make a little more time if you take the buses instead. I'd imagine the MTA will try to get the trains running asap since they play a large role in innercity commuting
  2. i think such disruptive idiots are giving some con-goers second thoughts about reserving a hotel. After last years Sheraton incident my buddies and I have decided to commute to the BCC for otakon rather than stay in the hotels where such problems are beginning to abound.
  3. hey at least we got the 1st Mariner Arena back again. That'll take some pressure of the the BCC
  4. actually id like a metaknight plushie. Also, those big, stuffed tachikomas XD they sell like hotcakes. by friday evening last year they were all gone. luckily i managed to get one of the last ones =D
  5. I'd love to see Alucard's replica guns- the Jackal and the Joshua .454 Casull. I think the Japanese metal replicas are considered illegal in America since they have moving parts, but even the cheaper resin replicas that came out in a special DVED collection a few years ago would be cool! The guns are so hard to find and if you find them on ebay, they usually run about $150.00
  6. lol yeah unfortunately the burger king is gone, at least it was this past year. kind of puts a lot of pressure on Blimpie subs and the pizza place across the hall XD
  7. last year my group went to the Cheesecake Factory (in the small indoor mall/restaurant complex by the water) on thursday after badge pickup. If you've been there before then you know its pretty pricey. of course we didnt know and we blew half of our con food money in one sitting (that monster carrot cake WAS pretty good though =D) Then we toured the USS Constellation, then headed back home to make some last minute cosplay fixes. Thursday's nice because you can enjoy the atmosphere around the BCC without feeling like you're missing the con.
  8. Baltimore can be a scary city but seeing as I've lived in nearby Harford County and went to high school in the city, i know my way around. Some outsiders complain about the "rude hotel clerks" or the "Scary people with guns" or "angry Yankees fans" (when they're in town) But two years ago, i had a candid moment which changed my opinion on the city for the better. It was Otakon 2006 and i was returning from the 1st Mariner Arena from the masquerade with my buddies. Along the side of the road were three burly guys in ghetto attire, leaning on their Escalade smoking. I was cosplaying
  9. My big project will be Ergo Proxy, from Ergo Proxy =D I'm thinking about doing a "human" Meta Knight, Brawl style but we'll see how much time i have
  10. My three buddies and myself have been going to Otakon the past 5 years. We have a routine- get our badges on thursday, eat at taco bell that nite then help my friend finish his costume by running to CVS pharmacy and the dollar store at 10 at night, then stay up till 2am getting sick on cheez-its. =D when we get up on friday, we go into WaWa in Abingdon, off the I-95 exit to get coffee. The best part is the reactions we get from people who often ask us "is there a horror-con in town?" sometimes we've been called freaks, goths, sluts and weirdos, although the guy behind the deli called ou
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