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  1. I'm going as Tetsuo the Iron Man, replete with drill-phallus. If anyone messes with me in line they'll get augured. My friend Willoughby is going as the cardboard robot from Dr. Satan and The Deathless Devils, with a special slot and compartment for snatching DVDs from the dealer's room. I've got another buddy who's preparing his Rapeman costume, I keep telling him to pick something harder, I mean geez it's just a leather mask with a zipper mouth, leather gloves and a garrote
  2. If you didn't care what people think of you, as some as you claim, then you wouldn't start a thread like this or comment in it. I'm not sure why it's so shocking to some people that dressing up in a costume would attract attention. It's pretty obvious that you enjoy the looks you get.
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