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  1. Hotel: Sleep Inn & Suites Baltimore Number of People: 3 Walk to BCC: about 15-20 minutes average (including time waiting for train) The Good: - Clean room with plenty of space - Friendly Staff - Peace and quiet! - Next door to the Rose Restaurant (which I enjoyed greatly) - Located right across the street from the train station which takes you right next to the convention center (the train ride is about 8 minutes) The Bad: - The door keys failed to work 3 times. However, this was a quick and easy fix by exchanging keys at the desk with no wait. - There was some
  2. I'll be cosplaying Isshin Kurosaki from Bleach, as he is the only character that I actually look like IRL and can really pull off well. Gigai form while I'm standing in lines, shopping, etc. Shinigami form for everything else. My girlfriend decided to go a different route this year and settled on Kagome from Inuyasha. Her brother will be cosplaying Yahiko Myƍjin from Rurouni Kenshin. He can REALLY pull that one off extremely well!
  3. I'll be cosplaying Isshin Kurosaki (In shinigami form) as he is the only character I know I can pull off extremely well (facial hair/structure, voice and body type). I just need to finish building my shoulder robe holder/guard and get my hair cut a bit shorter. I also need to finish my zanpaktou.
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