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  1. This sucks because I got scheduled to work tomorrow until late so I cant get there until friday ....Is there anyway to have someone else pick my registration up for me!!! HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol...or at least tell me that theres gonna be a seperate line for those who have pre-reged on friday
  2. Oh YEAAAA BRING IT .....IM BUSSIN EVERYONE UP lol....oh yea ill be the one thats screaming anger from getting hit with so many blue shells in one match lol....they luv me -___-
  3. wow, ive always wanted to play D.O.N. but never got the chance....so hopefully ill see u guys...well when im not brawling ofcourse xD
  4. I wasn't talking about your request about bmore club, I have some of my own so I'm sure I know what it is I meant the request way above you where Kev said he'd look into getting us some hip hop.
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