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  1. We're only going for two days. So my twin sis, my little sis and I are going as: Friday- Macross Frontier: Ranka(waitress ver.), Sheryl(cowgirl ver.), and chibi Klan Saturday- Darker than Black 2: Suou Pavlichenko(last eps ver. with her anti-tank rifle), July, and my friend will be there as April.
  2. I might go again as C.C.
  3. My cosplay for misa is 100% done I'm cosplaying this outfit: http://i32.tinypic.com/669pw3.jpg
  4. I'm going as Misa Can't wait to see all the other death note cosplayers!
  5. yuurisans

    Code Geass!

    My sis and I(twins) are planning to cosplay C.C. v1 and C.C. v2(R2). The only thing we are having trouble buying are the white boots>.>
  6. cool Miku Hatsune! Can't wait to see that I really want to cosplay miku hatsune, but not so sure.
  7. My sister, my friend and I are wearing one costume for friday and saturday. I don't sweat a whole lot, in the past years it wasn't that hot or maybe it was just meXD
  8. kazenokai515, first time eh, don't feel embarrassed it will turn out fine^_^ At first was going to cosplay Allen from D.Gray-man and my sis was going to cosplay Lenalee but we changed our mind. (me) Shana-Shakugan no Shana (my twin sister) Misa- Death Note or Millia Rage (my friend) Road- D. Gray-man
  9. Just got the tickets Going to the one in Baltimore, can't wait!
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