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  1. We're only going for two days. So my twin sis, my little sis and I are going as:

    Friday- Macross Frontier: Ranka(waitress ver.), Sheryl(cowgirl ver.), and chibi Klan

    Saturday- Darker than Black 2: Suou Pavlichenko(last eps ver. with her anti-tank rifle), July, and my friend will be there as April.

  2. I will be cosplaying as white Tyki on Friday and then dark Tyki on Saturday. I am currently building all kinds of props and special effects... I'm completely obsessed O_O Anytime I see Tyki do something new I'm like, "Oh! I'm definitely going to have to do that too. *evil smirk*"
  3. kazenokai515, first time eh, don't feel embarrassed it will turn out fine^_^

    At first was going to cosplay Allen from D.Gray-man and my sis was going to cosplay Lenalee

    but we changed our mind.

    (me) Shana-Shakugan no Shana

    (my twin sister) Misa- Death Note or Millia Rage

    (my friend) Road- D. Gray-man

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