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  1. We wish it could have been longer, but longer cost more. Those were 30 second spots, which were a step up from the cheapest, 15 second spots. When we first mentioned this commercial idea, let me tell you we had epic planned. We had ideas with flying chibis, dancing sushi, and an instructional guide to going to Otakon reminding you how to pack for Otakon. Then we got the 30 second spot. The intros we had planned were 30 seconds, so no previous idea worked. We also found out they'd air right before the con, so we agreed we needed to explain what Otakon was. That's out the deadpan
  2. Getting music rights in a week make everything a bit difficult. Once again, I want to thank Concrete Prophet for writing us the Adult Swim music in a weekend and letting us use it for only a credit. Next time we do a commercial, I'm sure we'll be putting an all call to local and independent bands who want to provide music for us. We'll also need music for other promotional items If anyone thinks their music would fit great with Otakon, please let me know!
  3. "That profession" compared to what? A typical 30-second TV commercial has a development budget that runs a few hundred thousand dollars; some have budgets that rival Otakon's operating budget for a year. A typical local commercial runs several grand. Ours cost us a comped membership and a fair bit of hard work by volunteers. And we got a pretty hefty discount on the ad package. Personally, I prefer the adult swim one. In a nutshell, we were hoping to be able to use footage from the animation, but it wasn't ready -- then things got very very busy and we ended up having a week to wri
  4. On youtube now. Kid's Version Adult Swim Version
  5. I think Jim explained it well, but we had about a week and 1/2 to get both commercials together from concept to delivery. Like many of you, we were hoping the opening animation would be done in time, but it wasn't. I was disappointed they are only on in Baltimore through Comcast (I have Verizon so I can't even see them). Still, we were really happy to get something out there. As for the professionalism and talent, the people in the video were the con coverage staff. None of us are actors, we're all shooters and editors that all have day jobs, so it was rushed. Actually I found some
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