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  1. Well, yknow, Bleach charecters would be better ninjas anyway...since we actually have some camoflauge...We shinigami wear all black.. Uhh, naruto chars wear bright orange, and pink. What's up with that ..And we dont get lame quotes like "Believe it!" +2 for the bleach side lol. But yeah..The crowd would probably be hugex_x lol, would just need time, place, and the word to be spread
  2. Oh yeah..it would definately be packed lol. Well...we could probably fit all the Naruto/Bleach people on the 4th floor:P Or outside>_> (I'm not just making decisions here, I'm just pondering). Good idea though with Yamamoto and the Hokage... We still have a whole (meh, almost a whole) year to prepare though! >=)
  3. So, during the bleach photo shoot on saturday, I remember running into these naruto cosplayers who were like "Yeah, look at all these bleach people. Think they're all big with their bankais and what not." My attention was attracted when one of them said "Pfft yeah see, look at Ichigo, think's he's so cool with his bankai." (I duno if these guys post here or not:P) So they told me they could take every bleach charecter there:P And even though they helped defeat Renji's bankai, all the bleach people were able to take down the Narutos in the end:) So, I thought about it, and now I'm cur
  4. I'm curious about how that Lelouch in the first link got the Geass eye going. I saw her once, but I didn't say anything>.>
  5. You forgot the "win."
  6. The escalators can't handle the traffic. Every time somebody pulls up on the rubber handrail it jams the escalator and they stop. So far as I know this year many of them were just not turned on at all any time. That's an interesting idea about the evening instead of morning.
  7. Staying at days inn again this upcomming year:P $120 a night. (Whoa is this fast reply button new? o_O)
  8. None of these things are Rated R to my knowledge. The MPAA assigns ratings to movies which they screen. However, these ratings are very arbitrary and often influenced by corporate interests rather than any kind of community standards. If you're talking about the content being inappropriate for some viewers, I believe that Otakon does mention in the booklet that some shows and panels may be inappropriate for some viewers, though a sign in front of rooms/panels showing such material may be in order. The 18+ restrictions come from, I believe, legal issues involving "subjecting" minors to sexu
  9. Yeah..what's the history behind this>_> Does awesome talk about the con, or what? lol
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