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  1. OMG I wasn't sure anyone would be doing Miku! I definitely am! I'm hoping to do the hall contest too, but I didn't get a chance to pre-reg so we'll see if that happens...if not, that's ok, I"ll just walk around looking fab! I'd love to be in a vocaloid photo, and I have no problem whatever the day...or being in two if I have to do different days! I'm almost done with my costume, I just have to figure out the wig...I have it, it's just a bit of a mess right now. Hope to see you all soon! The ninja loves you (pray for my wig )
  2. Definitely Going!!!! I'm still deciding which song but it'll definitely be from Cowboy Bebop!!
  3. Just had another thought...in the masquerade, do you have to do a skit? I mean, I know you have to perform something, but can you like dance to a song or something? Like I would bring a cd with the audio and dance to it on stage or something like that? Thanks!
  4. thanks for your advice!! I would definitely want to do the fashion show!! what's the point of having a costume if you don't want to show it off? I think I know what I'm gonna do now. Thanks again!
  5. Hey, I'm relatively new to cosplay, and I've never done a contest before, so I was wondering: For a first timer, would it be better to do the costume hall contest or the masquerade? I know what I would do for either one, but I'm only going to be able to put together one costume, so I can only do one thing. Also, I'm not sure where I should register for the hall contest (I'm aware of reg for masq). Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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