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  1. If I finish it in time, I'll be going as Clara from Skies of Arcadia. I don't think a lot of people will recognize it but that's okay, it gives me an excuse to wear a hoop skirt, lol. I'll also be cosplaying as Coyote from Gunnerkrigg Court (with my sister going as Annie), again probably something not a lot of people will recognize, but it will be fun.
  2. I'll be bringing Kapelteta from Straight Jacket and if I can finish it in time, Susan from Terry Prachett's 'The Hogfather'
  3. maybe after the shoot we'll organize a meandering down to your table. If you're going to have Doctor Who stuff, I can guarentee that my twin and I will be there.
  4. not friday morning and not saturday night? lol. I don't know what times work for other people but if its Friday morning (before or at noon) I'm out. As for bringing make-up to share, I decent sized bottle of fake blood that people can use. In fact, I would really appreciate if people used it all up so it can stop taking space on my bookshelf. lol
  5. Depending on when you were planning to do this, I would be game, especially if we were going to startbucks or something.
  6. ShadowVash, that's awesome! I can't wait to see that. Yes, its on Friday at noon at the first floor fountains (the main meet-up place for photoshoots).
  7. unfortunately, almost every other time slot was filled three deep or more with other photoshoots going on. So noon Friday was the best we could come up with. And yes, the finale was awesome, if very sad.
  8. my twin and I are bringing our Gwen Cooper (okay so its torchwood, at least its related XD ) and Sybelline priestess (Fires of Pompeii) costumes. Two of our friends may be coming as Rose and Ten as well, though I'm not 100% sure on them.
  9. lol, that was amusing to watch. Maybe if I find the time, I'll make a line block.
  10. My otakon cosplay list as of right now is this: Waldo - Where's Waldo Clara - Skies of Arcadia Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicles (an artbook version) Firiel - Good Witch of the West
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