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  1. I'm ready... I was already facing post-con blues as soon as I was walking towards Pratt St. Next year cannot come soon enough.
  2. Your PM inbox is full! I will send you a PM with my info as soon as I am able.


  3. $55 Pre-reg (reimbursed, gofer) $3.20 Light Rail ticket X4 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $0.00 Food ($64 in meal vouchers for gofering) $15 Belled Collar $5 Hello Kitty key chain (for the girlfriend) TOTAL: $29.60 Not including the gas I spent driving to the light rail station...maybe add $5 or so. It's basically just down the road.
  4. Weee!!! Awesome, you are very welcome! This was my first year as a gofer at Otakon, and the 32 hours I volunteered were very well spent. Everybody was wonderful, the programming was fantastic, and I am extremely proud to have had an opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much over the years. My time as "the arm waving guy" at registration was probably the most fun, and I hope that I was able to make some people's lives a bit brighter as a result. YAY for Otakon! See all of you next year!
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