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    Ok, ok... I guess I oughta make this a real version of me...<br /><br />Chobits, Hellsing, Card Captor Sakura (ANYTHING CLAMP)...<br />Manga<br />Pocky<br />RAMUNE!!!<br />Hi-Chew!

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  1. Ai-neko is the epic chibi Auron figurine finder!!!!

    ...I need to stop saying 'epic'.

  2. Lol, I don't know about the bars... Not really my scene, I guess... ESPECIALLY IN COSPLAY. O.o' That could just be BAD. But, Friday night, I'm hitting Ascention... it's a goth club, but they're doing 'Otaku after Dark' for Otakon... Basically, show your badge, get $1 off. It's worth checking out, I suppose. Saturday... Lol, it's still up for grabs... What's there for a nice goth girl to do? <3 Ai-Neko
  3. Lol, she just doesn't know when to stop typing on that interest section, now does she??

  4. *bows* Thanks for the kudos. As far as the 'less than worthy' thing... I've noticed, some of the sweetest women on earth, and the nicest guys around seem to think that. It's not a matter of self esteem really, it's this: Too many bad relationships must mean something is wrong. Right? Dead wrong. Bad relationships in the past are just that: In the past. If they're not in the past. They oughta be. No one deserves to be happy. There IS someone out there for everyone.
  5. hmm... this really IS an interesting line of discussion... I suppose, it all has to do with the kinds of people who COME to anime conventions. I'm willing to bet, that the vast majority of the people who I'll see this year are: 1. Somewhat socially outcast, because they LIKE anime. 2. Have been told that 'cosplay' is lame, etc. 3. Have been in negative relationships in the past. 4. See themselves as 'less than worthy' of a fulfilling relationship. For these people, The real trick is this: You've gotta love you before someone else will. Self-confidence has ALOT to
  6. Ai-neko rocks my socks!!! :)

  7. Well... I'm not quite bringing anyone... I'm being brought! My bestest friend is a seasoned Otaku, so she invited me... then I met this great guy... And since we're dating, I'm dragging him along! So, technically speaking here... My bestest is bringing 2 newbies! (Everyone, wish her LOTS of luck!!)
  8. Hehe, I'm the crazy friend a couple posts up... Yeah, it's my first year at con. My first time at any kind of con... But I'm well behaved! My plans from now til August 7th? 1. Find a babysitter near me for Thursday. Possibly Friday as well. 2. Make list for babysitter, roomie, and surrogate grandma. 3. PACK! 4. Print out 2 copies of my pre-reg info. One for me, one for 'Fearless Leader'. 5. FINISH COSPLAY!!! (ok, so it's just making a pair of bloomers, but still!!) 6. Make pre-con shopping list. 7. Make Baltimore sightseeing list. 8. PRINT OUT COPIES OF LIGHTR
  9. Wow, I feel poor as heck after reading all of these posts... Here's my ENTIRE budget for Otakon. $55 - Pre-reg... already spent. $91 - Hotel split by two other people, already spent. $50 - Gas from PA, split by two other people, this is my share. $45 - Food for 3 days... $15 a day, I'm gonna nosh mostly on stuff I bring and the hotel breakfast. $100 - Swag fund... That's my ENTIRE free spending cash limit, and some of that's gonna be light rail tickets, cab fare, etc. So... out of everything... I still have $120 to raise... and I'm scared I won't be able to. I'm a poor
  10. Oh gosh! A Commercial for Otakon!!! Maybe you should also consider running it a few times on Sci-Fi... Ani-mondays!
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