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  1. I may be the only one with this problem...But I can not seem to reserve more than 1 room using the system. I want/need (Depending on the party size at the moment.) 2 rooms at the hotel we will be staying, and one room is simply not going to cut it. Help, please? Thanks. C.T.
  2. Is the parking garage at Charles and Lombard good for overnight parking? The reason I ask is that my hotel quoted me a rate of $18/day/car in a third party garage. Having seen some of the higher prices listed, that rate does not seem bad. But my party is still shopping for garages we can park in from the time we get in on Thursday, to when we leave on Sunday. Thanks, C.T.
  3. This is something me and some friends who went with me last year and are coming this year were trying to remember. There was a quick-trip Chinese diner, for lack of a better word, which had people handing out ads/menus in the streets around the BCC last year. It was a couple streets over, toward the former Wyndham/current Sheraton Lord Baltimore, on one of the streets parallel to the convention center. It definitely was not much of a place to eat, since it seems to cater mostly to take-out customers, but it did have some tables and chairs for the people who wanted to eat in-store. We
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