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  1. I just finished catching up on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I have not read the original manga through.
  2. i go to UMD woo!!! go terps!

  3. I do play TF2 for the PC, usually as a Sniper,Heavy, or Demo. SteamID is Jkid4, but my username in game is Jkid.
  4. I did played some portions of Gears of War 2, particularly the horde mode. I got killed 3 minutes after I started, even with four people. The mode is really tough if you don't play as a team.
  5. Remember what I said about The Little? I thought this thread was for 2010, so I made that post on mistake. But here are the cosplays I'm actually performing on Otakon 2009: Friday: Kensuke Aida (Casual) Saturday: Otacon Professor Oak The Create (Prop with Fan Made Clow Card)
  6. Just registered a few seconds ago.
  7. Right now I'm watching Full Metal Alcahmist: Brotherhood. I never watched the entire original series (only random episodes on Adult Swim) or read the manga.
  8. Aresef, you should add directions for those using only public transport. I did not use a car for the first time I went to Tigercon, I used Amtrak and MTA bus for the trip to the University. For the trip back home, I used MTA Bus and MTA Light Rail and walked the rest of the way to Penn Station.
  9. I posted on Coscom as well. I'll be going as Professor Oak
  10. The problems I have is saving enough cash for the hotel and for general spending. Due to the credit crisis I have instituted a policy of paying everything in cash. I did this for the last Otakon and will do so this time. My tax refund is helping me with that though. Another one is the cosplay, I'm planning a few new costumes this year. Also, will I actually able to go?
  11. I'm trying to save as much money as I can for this year's convention. If I can get a on campus-work study job, that would be better if I can find one. Eventually the remainder will become my convention fund, so I that I have an incentive to actually save money when I can.
  12. I'm planning to cosplay as The Little from Cardcaptor Sakura for Otakon 2009. Hopefully I can get the money so I can commission the costume to Limebarb by November of this year.
  13. Sure, I often get the post-con blues, especically after this year's Otakon. Until I realize there's another anime convention near the DC area two or three months from now. It's off to T-Mode for me!
  14. I did not watched the Olympics on TV anyway. I was having too much fun at Otakon taking pictures and stuff.
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