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  1. I just finished catching up on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I have not read the original manga through.
  2. I do play TF2 for the PC, usually as a Sniper,Heavy, or Demo. SteamID is Jkid4, but my username in game is Jkid.
  3. I did played some portions of Gears of War 2, particularly the horde mode. I got killed 3 minutes after I started, even with four people. The mode is really tough if you don't play as a team.
  4. Remember what I said about The Little? I thought this thread was for 2010, so I made that post on mistake. But here are the cosplays I'm actually performing on Otakon 2009: Friday: Kensuke Aida (Casual) Saturday: Otacon Professor Oak The Create (Prop with Fan Made Clow Card)
  5. Just registered a few seconds ago.
  6. Right now I'm watching Full Metal Alcahmist: Brotherhood. I never watched the entire original series (only random episodes on Adult Swim) or read the manga.
  7. Aresef, you should add directions for those using only public transport. I did not use a car for the first time I went to Tigercon, I used Amtrak and MTA bus for the trip to the University. For the trip back home, I used MTA Bus and MTA Light Rail and walked the rest of the way to Penn Station.
  8. I posted on Coscom as well. I'll be going as Professor Oak
  9. The problems I have is saving enough cash for the hotel and for general spending. Due to the credit crisis I have instituted a policy of paying everything in cash. I did this for the last Otakon and will do so this time. My tax refund is helping me with that though. Another one is the cosplay, I'm planning a few new costumes this year. Also, will I actually able to go?
  10. I'm trying to save as much money as I can for this year's convention. If I can get a on campus-work study job, that would be better if I can find one. Eventually the remainder will become my convention fund, so I that I have an incentive to actually save money when I can.
  11. I'm planning to cosplay as The Little from Cardcaptor Sakura for Otakon 2009. Hopefully I can get the money so I can commission the costume to Limebarb by November of this year.
  12. Sure, I often get the post-con blues, especically after this year's Otakon. Until I realize there's another anime convention near the DC area two or three months from now. It's off to T-Mode for me!
  13. I did not watched the Olympics on TV anyway. I was having too much fun at Otakon taking pictures and stuff.
  14. I haven't really noticed the event because I was at the con feedback panel at the time. But thanks for the video!
  15. Pre-registration:$55 MARC train to Baltimore: $6 Amtrak ticket back home: $21 Food and Drink: $42 Stuff from the Dealers Room: $180 Stuff from The Arts: $30 The experience going to Otakon without commuting to and from back home: Priceless.
  16. jkid

    What happened?

    Here's the full story. The touhou panel was already held earlier, no one knew because during the time the information change panel has not been put up at the time. About half the room got up and left. They expected Touhou, but what they got was psychology of anime, or something. But I found out about the Touhou panel from a Touhou cosplayer. I did not missed much, some of it consists of replays of the touhou series.
  17. There are other conventions in the DC Metropolitan area, one of them is Anime USA.
  18. I already got reservations on the Baltimore Hilton!
  19. I have finally saw the opening animation at the closing ceremony. It was beyond awesome.
  20. I'll be cosplaying as Kensuke Aida. Look for me with the Sony Camcorder.
  21. I'll be bringing my camera and my new camcorder for Otakon 2008. After this year's Otakon, the camera will probably be retired by a new Cannon camera. (And I haven't even viewed the footage I took from Otakon 2007.)
  22. To Do List (Until Friday morning): 1. Wash Clothes 2. Deposit Money for convention 3. Charge Batteries 4. Reserve Ticket back to Aberdeen, MD 5. Clear Camcorder of space 6. Clear camera memory cards of space 7. Double check suitcase Friday Morning: 1. Wake up in the at 5:30am 2. Call Taxi for train station 3. On to Otakon!
  23. jkid

    Cash Or Card?

    Credit Card for hotel. Cash for Vendors and other stuff. Debit Card for food. But I'm paying for my hotel, food, and vendor stuff with all cash.
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