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  1. Aw man no love for Ryohei ha i guess ill just have to pick up the slack on that because thats who ill be going as MAXIMUM CANNON!!! XD
  2. I hope you can get Nero done because i am hoping to be Credo and we could have some sick "fights" if you got your cosplay done
  3. for the soldier costume you could paper mache styra foam for the exclimation point and then paint it but you have to paper mache it before you paint it. Ha and iam trying to get my dad to go as Snake from the new MGS4 cause he looks just like him but we will see if hes down for it
  4. Ha yea ill be grimjow the best thing is that i made the jaw in ceramics class in school lol but i would love to see all the espada there Oh and anyone who went to AB in 07 i think lol do you remember when the bleach characters took over the Naruto photo shoot ha we should do that again XD
  5. WO!! yea ill be with hopefully a Lambo, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, and ill be Hibari We might have enough people doing reborn to get a photoshoot going that would be SWEET
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