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  1. I didn't even want to eat at McDonald's before I became a vegetarian. The sensation of foul, putrid sewage just seems to permeate the atmosphere, no matter how often they mop the place. Anyway, when I'm looking for some nom in Bmore I've never had a problem finding a good deal. Whole Foods has great premade sandwiches and platters of sushi, and the Harborplace Chipotle gave me free food when I was a long walk from the ATM just for asking
  2. I, for one, fail to see how someone could be satisfied with an anime convention that does not leave the congoer immersed 100% in Asian culture throughout three days and two nights. As a matter of fact, why don't we boycott all the area diners and restaurants that aren't serving Japanese-style food? Seriously, though, as somebody who has spent more than a few nights at clubs in Baltimore I can assure you that leaving out the J-rock will leave the Otakurave still a far cry from that atmosphere.
  3. Maybe next time you should include a quote to provide some context, then.
  4. This guy is right. I have been to every rave that has happened ever and seen people kicked out for killing the vibe by dancing awkwardly.
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