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  1. 2 cars, 10 people. Driving from Albany, NY to Baltimore, MD. It's going to be... Fun? LOL, probably not, I barely know most of our party, but, I'll probably make a couple of CD's for the trip to get everyone in the mood.
  2. 10 gil says that they try to push the Speed Racer movie and have one of two designs, the live-action characters in the front, with the anime in the back or vice versa. Though, personally, I wouldn't mind some untranslated badges. Like... QuinRose otome-games... I am personally obsessed with those at the moment...
  3. I wasn't able to go last year, but in '06, I remember running around and getting quite a few looks... Of course, since all my family lived in MD at the time, I didn't need to reserve a hotel room, but, I was walking around Edgewood and Overlea dressed in gothic lolita, with my Tenten outfit on a hanger. The guys at CVS were kind of scared to see me, and I still think they question themselves, wondering what the heck was going on, and if I had lost all my marbles. Of course, the best part was walking into my grandparent's house, fully decked out in my Tenten costume, half my hair up and wo
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