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  1. I thought the fact that this panel was shut down was ridiculous. The panel was really interesting and the guy running it was awesome to get up there and bring to attention some issues that people want to ignore. There were many people in the room who were eager to hear the rest of the panel and very disappointed when the staff came in and shut off his mic and kicked everyone out. The only reason the panel was not received well was because there were a lot of rude people in the room expecting to hear about Touhou. The panel crashed and burned because of the Otakon staff's lack of organization
  2. i went to the otacafe but i was disappointed by the lack of selection. i'm really into j-pop/hip hop rather than just anime themes.. and i asked if i could use my ipod and the staff said no i thought i had heard that they were cool about doing that? and also, both times i went they said they were done taking songs for the day (it was a few hours before the convention center closed), but the room looked empty. oh well
  3. is this still happening? i'm going to be wearing my asuka cosplay (yellow dress).. most likely on saturday~ i'd like to meet up with some other eva cosplayers
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