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  1. You are awesome. Will you be open to photo's with people not in FMA costume? You make such a great Armstrong. I'm planning on going as Maka from Soul Eater(All I need is boots and a wig and to make some adjustments to the costume, unfortunately no coat, though I plan on finding one for next year), and maybe Yuuki from Vampire Knight. It's my first time cosplaying so I'm really nervous.
  2. lmao im trying to imagine you without the mustache xD its not working
  3. A lot of Armstrong's posing and flexing that has been passed down my family for generations!!!!! XD
  4. Hehe thanks for the compliments everyone ^___^. Yeah you will see me around and if I can I might try to do some sort of posing routine at the cosplay walk on or something to music as Armstrong... Just an idea I was toying with.
  5. Hello everyone this will be my first Otakon I will be bringing my Shirtless Armstrong cosplay...and yes I am a competitive bodybuilder so no foam suits. Here is a recent pic from SC 08 XD : http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1510819/. I will be more cut by the time the con rolls around though. Can't wait to get there!
  6. Hey all this is my first attempt to come to Otakon and I hope to be able to bring my Potemkin cosplay there. I am not sure how I will lug the huge collar across country, but I will try to get it there.
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