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    I interested in music, mountains, culture and language, and learning from life and the people (or critters) that I meet. I'd list PEACE too, but that's more than just an interest.

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  1. Estimated expenses for my daughter and I to attend Otakon this year (not counting membership): airfare $750 hostel $270 food about $250-300 (we splurged a little... and then eating while stuck on the airport for an extra 8 hours) JAM Project merchandise $75 (would have been a lot more, if they'd had the new cd and dvd) omiage about $50 (spent in dealers' room) public transportation $10.20 taxi $60 All-in-all, too much money - but my birthday's this week, so what-the-heck!
  2. I went straight for the JAM Project merchandise. I bought one of the special tour CDs and two T-shirts for myself. I ended up buying a second CD after my daughter stole the first one for the autograph session. I also bought another T-shirt as omiage for my son. I would have bought JAM Project's new CD and DVD at Otakon, but it wasn't there. I ended up ordering it through CD Japan. Aside from that, the rest was omiage for family members: a wallet for my husband and various keychain dolls for the other daughters. peace
  3. Because of liability issues -- even *cooperating with* a lawsuit related to mosh pit nonsense would cost more than we can afford.
  4. I believe they're referring to the fact that many pages will have a link on them for printing that page which takes you to a page with the same information, just formatted in a printer optimized way. You can always print a page by using a browser's print function, but that's usually really intensive on ink.
  5. I don't usually feel that old, but there's only a couple people here who haven't listed shows that I watched... with my children. There are many many shows I remember from my childhood. Aside from the few mentioned above, some others were: Batman (the same one mentioned above) Nanny and the Professor Dragnet Adam 12 My Three Sons The Flying Nun Bonanza Gilligan's Island Scooby Doo (first run) Aqua Boy Johnny Quest (the original, where all foreigners spoke either ugabuga or tingtang) Lost in Space Outer Limits Land of the Giants Room 222 The Mod Squad
  6. At the time, my favorite Monkee was Davy, but these days I think they're all pretty cool. ^-^b I remember watching and loving The Electric Company when it first came out. However, when I bought the DVD set this year, my kids weren't too terribly impressed. Go figure, eh. Then there was this show called Speed Racer... I've always been heavily into music, so even most of my earliest favorites involved music: The Monkees (of course) Laugh-In (and it's Spring season replacement: Hee Haw) The Partridge Family The Brady Bunch (I'm really dating myself here. Aren't I? )
  7. Over here in the Tacoma/Seattle area, we've got a pretty good bus system. Unfortunately, time constraints and my work schedule make using it a little more difficult. I do, however, carpool to work with my sister. We cut down on gas use that way. Gas is a bit more expensive here than the average. I paid $4.19 per gallon at Costco last Saturday and thought it was cheap. (shudder at the thought... ) It took $77 to fill my mini-van last week, but the mini-van (Dodge Caravan) gets better mpg than my husband's Taurus. We switched all our lighting to LED and flourescent a couple years ago
  8. It'll just be me and my 22 year old daughter attending Otakon... However, we've taken the whole family to work Sakura-Con every year from Baka-Con '99 to SC 2008. (The first year, 1998, I worked but didn't actually attend the con.) I remember my youngest back in SC 2000 sitting on my back in a carrier... and that little three year old was shouting out the names of all the characters in the Opening Ceremonies video so loudly that throughout the entire room people were hearing her and laughing! Back then, bringing babies to an anime con was a bit of an anomily, but now that all the ki
  9. JAM Project World Flight 2008 Dom Arthall Seoul, South Korea September 20, 2008 at 7:00pm http://www.jamproject.kr/ (It's in Korean, of course) peace
  10. alindasue


    I don't care if it's boy bands, jrock, whatever... as long as it's good music. That said, the "boy bands" I'm into are hardly boys any more: SMAP, Lazy, Arashi, V6... I think Tulip might even fall into that catagory, although they were "boys" way back in the 70s. By the way, what does "JE" stand for? peace
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