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  1. HAHAHA. Man, that's genius.

    I'm somewhere between "fanartist" and "fanfiction writer," (my icon is from a short fancomic I did) probably destined to have a little bit of "middle-aged fundoshi" bubbling up in me in ten years or so. But I would never let a six year old read yaoi. >_>

    As for the guys, honestly, I'd probably take "perfection." Wouldn't mind cuddling up in there and watching whatever he's watching. Actually, this one probably fits me better than fanartist and fanfiction writer... and I have gotten my boyfriend to snuggle and watch SOME anime with me, even though he's not into it like I am. Fun way to pass the time. :D

  2. Hi there !

    Otakon 2008 is coming up really fast, as you may know !

    Now it's time to try and set up something for the lolitas attending Otakon to do.

    Basically, there already has been a teaparty set up, but there is a giant waiting list. So rather then try and get to go to that, I wanted to try and set up a meet up. I'd love to have a giant lolita group walk around Otakon together. Hang out in the dealers room? a photo shoot, one outside and one inside?

    please any ideas that haven't been mentioned please go ahead and suggest !

    If you are on egl, please tell me your screen-name on there. Mine is ongaku_chan.

    hope to see you there !


  3. Just to prevent any unnecessary advice - I brought it up with the AMV Contest Coordinator, and the problem has been resolved. All I need to do is add bleeps. Thanks for the help!

    A little advice - you may want to consider muting instead of beeping. Beeping is very distracting (so is muting, but not as much so, in my opinion - this is why it is now much more common to hear mutes and cut rather than beeps in music recordings) in a musical context. Beeps usually draw a laugh, as they tend to be linked to comedy in most people's minds. It would work better in a fan parody. Just my opinion.

  4. Is there a karaoke track around of Itsumo Nando Demo from Spirited Away? (or someone that can play its piano accompaniment? lol)

    I have a classical voice so that'd be an easy choice for me... if not, I can try to work it up accompanying myself, or I may go with Washuu no Komori Uta. ;)

    Also - how many people can perform at once? Are there any limitations? I have a group of friends that I'd love to perform Pearls from Cowboy Bebop with next year as an ensemble. Not this year because they won't be around (and we wouldn't be ready anyway! o_o) and I'm not even sure if two of them are too keen on going to a convention - the other two, definitely. XD

    Let me know so that I can start convincing them early... >_>

  5. Please note that the AMV coordinator's ruling will obviously be the important one -- my comment about the F-word is more of a general rule for the con, and for how such things are GENERALLY evaluated.

    After all, the rule is there for a reason, and it applies for most public entertainment. But there has also been a gradual change in acceptability of certain words over the past 20 years. I think the F-word still crosses the line for most people, though.

    I would suggest you contact the coordinator directly for a more specific ruling in your case. I hadn't noticed that you'd already submitted it.

  6. "No swearing" pretty much has to be strictest on words you can't say on television. I think you can pretty much rule out any F-word usage in anything that is part of the AMV contest or other official Otakon event that isn't specifically marked as "Adult" -- that word is never going to pass muster for general audience programming.
  7. I uploaded my video by FTP, and it has one swear (the F word) in it, but no other swears. How strict are they about this? Do they just not want filthy songs, or do they really just not allow any foul language at all? The song I used is definitely rated PG-13, but I wouldn't say R at all.

    Also, when do you know if your video qualifies or not? After June 7th? I'd love to know before then, because I could easily censor the F word out of the video. Have they ever censored before? I've never entered an AMV into a contest before, so I'm really nervous. I'm really proud of the video and if there's any way I can salvage it, I'd love to.

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