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  1. I don't really expect anyone to recognize it, but I'll be Eald'narche from XI again on Sunday.
  2. Icey

    Uh... who?

    I was Eald'narche from Final Fantasy XI last year and I'll probably wear it for a bit this year too. You may be thinking, "everyone knows Final Fantasy", but not XI. It's the MMO, so there's really only a niche group of people who know it. Not to mention he's a cutscene/battle only NPC, so even if you play the game, if you're not far enough along into the storyline missions you'll have no idea who he is. It was cool when the like, two people recognized it though.
  3. I'll be Ashlotte from Soul Calibur IV for sure on Saturday. Depending on when I get in on Friday, I may wear it that day as well. If not, I'll be Eald'narche from Final Fantasy XI.
  4. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Only reason I asked was because I saw this in the FAQ: "Sandbagging is defined as knowingly entering at a skill or award level lower than your own." So I figured I'd double check before I registered.
  5. I'll be bringing: Friday Eald'narche - Final Fantasy XI Saturday Arshtat Falenas - Suikoden V I may drag out one of my Prince of Tennis costumes for Sunday, but I'm not sure if I want to cosplay that day or not.
  6. I have a question regarding how "sandbagging" is determined in the hall cosplay contest. I can count the number of times I've competed on one hand; none of which I have won an award at. Technically, that would put me in the novice category which is what I was going to register in. However, I have been cosplaying for around 7 years so I'm not a novice in that respect. Would that be considered a form of sandbagging? I just don't want to be asked how long I've been cosplaying during my judging time and when I give my answer have them think I don't belong in the novice category and disqualify
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