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  1. masu--I completely understand how you feel. my dad nearly flipped when he heard I was going to dress as a guy practically all weekend. sadly I can't go as reborn. its a long long long story mostly involving a disapproving father, lack of job, monetary needs and compromising on my part. instead I'm prolly going as Bianchi. I can go as a FEMALE at least >.>;; this wasn't told to me until after I got the suit, modified my air pistol to look like reborn's and bought a hat... I'm so sad though b/c I was so excited about being Reborn (he really IS my favorite character next to 10
  2. my friends and I are definately going as Reborn cosplayers...at last count I think we had me(as Reborn), Gokudera, Yamamoto, Tsuna and I think a Hibari (no Lambo though which makes me sad ;.; my favorite pairing is Reborn x Lambo and I had high hopes to have some smexy shots on the two of us together in costume...ah well...) I'm excited since its my first time cosplaying! But to prepare I got the kids in my daycare center room to chant 'Master Pao Pao' today during lunchtime XD
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