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  1. Okay. So. Let's think about this for a moment. What's actually more likely? That a 56 year old actor with a pattern of boundary issues (who considers silence to be consent) with women and girls to whom he is much, much older who cheated on his long-term fiancee of twelve years and has a nearly two decade long reputation of being a diva, difficult to work with both in the industry and at conventions to the point that he's been frequently blacklisted and banned for bad behavior (reminder: he wasn't banned for just being a d*ck, but it's been documented a number of times that he's screamed at staffers to the point of making them break down into tears) who leans on his religiosity with a "methinks he dost protest too much" fervor as a handwaving excuse for his worst behavior just happens to be a creep who has exactly zero industry colleagues who are backing him... OR There's been an orchestrated conspiracy for the past two decades to slowly trickle lies about a perfectly upstanding 40-50+ year old man who somehow never learned personal space and is totally the nicest guy--I'm sure every staffer he's glared at, rolled his eyes toward, and called a "f*cking amateur" while shoulder checking and not apologizing was just exaggerating the emotional abuse someone they might have admired threw their way--on various internet boards, forums, and social media sites about disparate events and conventions, preparing for a film they would have no way of knowing would be releasing in theaters for a Dragon Ball series that wouldn't air until 2015, just so that they could take down this perfectly upstanding fellow all because he happened to be a conservative(?) Christian in the anime industry and replace all his parts with an actress, writer, and director who has a much broader but very different vocal range. Am I getting the brass tacks of this monumentally stupid conspiracy theory correct? I don't know about you, but Occam's razor would seem to suggest that a cheating, 56 year old man with a pattern of boundary and consent issues being a creep would be the most likely scenario.