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  1. I was looking on GaiaOnline, and according to the Otakon thread, there will be a Reborn! photoshoot on Friday at 2:00pm at The Fountain.

    It might be a good idea to have one for Saturday as well though, since that's the day when most will probably be happening.

  2. Heeeeh~ I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I'd also love to see a Death Note, and Speed Racer, badge.

    And I wonder if I'm the only one rooting for a Reborn?


    Unless of course they've already had one of those, which I wouldn't have known about anyways... aha.

  3. Mm... well I'll be there on the 8th for sure, and possibly the 9th, so one of those days perhaps? (Since I'd love to be in a photoshoot <3).

    Aha, I know, right? xD She's so amazing, I didn't have a doubt I wanted to be her.

    But another question is where and time?

  4. I went to go see the movie with my friend on the 21st, and she's Chinese, so she was able to translate a lot of the text for me (I was so proud <3).

    I was a little disappointed that they had to use the dub voices, considering I'm especially not fond of Light's (Though L and Ryuuk were actually quite decent, at least), but it was pretty easy to get used to. My thearter wasn't too loud, except for the L fangirls that would squeal when he came on and such, but even that was entertaining. I'd never seen the movie before, but I was impressed with Ryuuk's graphics. He ended up looking so realistic, in a sense, that one could really imagine him there. Light's expressions were well done and such... but I just felt he could have looked more the part. Didn't seem very Light-like to me, though L's actor was nearly perfect (Nearly because of L's mixed heritage).

    Anyone stay to watch the behind the scenes info?

    The director always wore such nicely colored sweaters~

  5. Heeeh~ I love MarioKart Wii. Especially when playing WiFi, though I haven't written down my own number yet (I should...).

    I'd thought the wheel would be really hard to use at first, but it was amazingly natural. I feel a lot more comfortable when using it, and do a lot better as well. Except on Rainbow Road (Which only gets harder).

    On multiplayer it can get a bit annoying, but I don't have that sort of problem when me and my brother play. I'm not quite sure as to our Tv size, but I'm able to play pretty much as I would on single.

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