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  1. I usually get hit with a pretty bad case of P.C.D., but this year it was just the opposite. When I got back to work the next day everyone was like, "Why do you look different?" and my answer was "I'm happy!" I think this happened for two reasons. I accomplished everything I wanted to at this years con, so I left feeling no regrets. I went to a panel, the amvs, live action death note, 2 photo shoots, got some airsoft from the dealers room, and I even kissed a girl! A real one!! All of these things left me with a real sense of accomplishment, and many memories that I chuckle over, even now, a week later.

    The second thing is that it took us 10 hours to drive back to CT with all the god awful traffic. We left at 3:00pm and when we we're still in New Jersey at 10pm, all I could think about was getting home. I think that 10 hour buffer of being uncomfortable made me yearn to be home, thus taking some of the edge off the P.C.D. Add that to the realization that my next con, Providence Anime Conference, is less that two months away, there is no time to be sad! I gotta start working on my next cosplay!!!

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