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  1. Great to see that the sched is available and that we can even plan our "weekend" and print it out. Awesome! However, three items could be moved to more strategic times, I think. "Parents and Anime" on Friday starts at 9 AM. With the way the lines move, I think many interested parents will not get in in time to particpate. I suggest moving that particular event later in the day to maybe 2 or 3 PM (after lunch and before dinner) when your attendance would likely be higher. Several of my counterparts at work have kids interested in Anime (and are planning to attend Otakon). They are a l
  2. If any of you want to take the time, you can google for ATM machine locations around Baltimore's Inner Harbour and prepare a map of your own showing the relative locations of ATMs (with the Otakon map (if they would re-map their link) you could print their's off and use that) Provident, BB&T, 1st Mariner, Bank of America, Wacovia, M&T. But as someone pointed out earlier, ATMs are usually depleted well before 5. the closest Provident ATMs as an example: Pratt Street Branch (this one is like right across the street from the BCC) 250 W Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21
  3. It was shaping up to look like Otakon 1996 for a little bit there.
  4. http://www.theyabbapotcafe.com/ http://one-world-cafe.com/baltimore_vegitarian_menu.htm
  5. Perhaps. Though to be fair, I have been approached by a crack whore one block away from the convention center. True story.
  6. d000d, there were waaaay more Naruto costumes in 2006. You just do not like Naruto it seems. Just a guess. It is all fun, newaaz. (just be glad you did not see those guys in 2000 or 2001 -- all sailor scouts (I think there were nine of them)! creepy.
  7. Haibane Renmei Astro Boy whenever he "gives" too much of himself. Of course, Cowboy Bebop at the end and a few select places during the series. Golden Boy (at obvious parts during his "adventures")
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