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  1. Lol, yea it's pretty awesome.

  2. what an interesting little coincidence ^_^

  3. hey that's funny I didn't even notice that I was just on your profile the other day two after I came across your post on the otakon Singles Dating

  4. Dude we have the same birthday, lol. :)

  5. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v294/Aur.../Otakon%202008/ There's mine... I didn't take as many pics as I should have, and if you scroll through about 10 of them, and the rest should all be Naruto related.... heh... But, I figured I'd post them anyways, and hopefully find some of me as Konan and Deidara in the meantime.
  6. Omg, you're going for the paper wings?! You are crazy girl!! Crazy but freaking awesome.... I was going to make them, but when I asked someone on Cosplay.com for a tutorial, and realized that it would take me like 5 weeks, and being the obsessed freak and perfectionist that I am that I would focus everything on finishing those wings and ignore my Physics and Organic Chem classes, I had to say no.... I was so sad, but hey, at least someone is doing the wings, so Konan will be represented in her true light, and I can rest easy now. Only Saturday, huh?.... I wouldn't be able to convince
  7. -shifty eyes- Um, I'm not really sure of what Itachi is talking about Pein, but there's definitely no affair....and I'm sure that Itachi knows that if you two do fight, that you've never lost a battle Pein, and never will..so he'd be pretty dumb to try to do anything with me behind your back.. (yeah, right!! Itachi would soooo kick your ass and we should so stage a battle between you two on Friday evening!!) Astachan, I'll see you no Friday then... hang around after the regular Naruto shoot at 6, because at 6:30 is the Akatsuki shoot I'm in charge of.. Things should start to clear out
  8. My amazingly hot boyfriend and I are going to be Akatsuki members... On Friday, I'm Konan and he's Itachi...and he's like one of the best Itachis ever too... -sighs- All myy little fangirly fantasies have come true... Sunday we're Deidara and Tobi. And he's being Itachi on Saturday, but I'm not going into the details, you'll just have to wait and see, now won't you?... I've actually scheduled an Akatsuki only photoshoot for Friday at 6:30(right after the regular photoshoot), so let's just hope Cosplay.com posts it. I guess that means I'm technically in charge of it too, huh? So
  9. Awesome!! I'd go, but I kinda don't have a prom version costume for either my Konan or my Deidara costume.... So oh well. It'll be cool to see though.
  10. Well, actually, I took the photoshoot times from Cosplay.com, lol, and the people there are always keeping things up to date, so these are, as of now, the 'official' photoshoot times. As in, a group of fans got together and decided that these will be the times because the conventions never do photoshoot organization themselves....I personally think they should though, it would help make things a ton more organized. But yes, those are the times. I just didn't know if everyone here has an account there, and wanted to make sure everyone knew the times and places for the shoots, even if you are
  11. I send you a message about the skit. ^-^

  12. Ooh! -raises hand- I'm interested, and I'm sure my boyfriend and 3 other friends will be too.
  13. I'm going to be Konan.... only thing is... I didn't make the cloak, and I don't know what Otakon's rules are for skits, since I never was interested in doing one and never looked into it. If I'm not actually competing, but I'm just a 'prop' so to say in your skit, am I allowed to be a part of it with a purchased cloak? Because I'd love to help you, but idk if I can. My boyfriend is being Itachi and Tobi, and I actually haven't seen his costume yet, so I have no idea whether or not his is bought or made, I didn't ask... but I do think he bought his cloak too. So yeah, we're Akatsu
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