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  1. Hil-freaking-arious. Really. I think the lesson we should be taking away from this fellas, is that women/girls/females don't go to cons *looking* for guys. Except for the two maybe that Eva drags along to these meet ups. Should a woman come within 5 feet of you and glance in your direction, it doesn't mean she's.. hrm.. how to put it.. ready to go. She's just looking at you. You can take that as a window to say hey there, hi, whatevs, but if you opt for the costume compliment, when she says "Erm. Thanks.", it's not the point to feel like you should pass some sort of judgment on her becau
  2. I think this being in the media is making people think it's a new law that's never been enforced, which is comical. It's an at least 10 year old law. They've made it public that they're going to get serious about enforcing it because of the crime rate, and they've gotten federal funding to blow on prevention of juvenile crime. BPD knows we're there, BACVA knows we're there, and the BCC knows we're there. How much more coverage could we get in regards to that? hah.
  3. And at this point, we should revisit the shake/malt utterances from earlier at Potbelly's.
  4. There's exceptions provided in the actual code for the curfew. For the law nerds, the minors curfew is Baltimore City Code, Article 19, Sub 34. It's Google-able. Although this is old news now. They first started talking about this in Baltimore back in April. If it were going to be an issue for Otakon, the "powers that be" would have already discussed it, questioned it, and gotten answers back. Then distilled the answers out to the membership so we understand the new limits, if that were the case. So it's probably not an issue for us. Just don't wander too far from the BCC and sit o
  5. I think the Baltimore City code provides stipulations for reasons 17 and unders can be out though. It's not exactly a law they can apply broadly without considerations. Otherwise lil Jimmy would be picked up leavin McD's at midnight after work.
  6. Yeah, it's on the second floor of the Pratt Street Pavilion. If you get on the Skywalk from the Renaissance, it's the first thing on your left once you get to the Harborplace side. =D Mmm burger.
  7. OB's not that bad, once you get a chance to get to know the people and all. It's just hard to break into the crowd in forums in a month of free membership unless you're very enigmatic. Or lucked out and got on the beta test back when and have a founding member account. hah. While I haven't really met people at Otakon (which i'mma have to suck up this year and do, else I'mma be bored trying to wander around finding stuff to do), I've met people at other conventions that may not have dated, but I absolutely adore. And I take that back. There's 1 person that I met at Otakon that I do absolu
  8. What ever happened with this anyway? Is she still just vanished into thin air or have they come to some resolute "this is what happened" answer?
  9. Also gives you 2 costumes. "Man, I did this Death Note cosplay, and everyone else is doing this one. This sucks. Look over there, it's a zombie crew!" *musical segue and minutes later* "Zombie L cosplay! Wow! Thanks zombie people!" Lol. I really need to sleep more.
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