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  1. I live about an hour from Baltimore, and I remember the first time I went to Otakon. I didn't know what to expect at all, since I'd never been to an anime convention before. Thinking back to that day, and remembering how I saw all the cosplayers mixed with the day to day Baltimore crowd was pretty funny.

    I sorta felt like a normal person staring at everyone in the strangest way, and thinking, "Why?!". But by now, I've grown to love it. I get up at five on Saturday morning and get ready because I can't stand to get up at five thirty. We leave at six and get to the convention building.. It's just really fun to sit around and watch the cosplayers walk around and get lots of stares from the locals. Then I remember that I've gotta wait a crapton more time before I can get inside. XD Oh well! It's always worth the wait.

    One year my friend made some cinnamon rolls and brought them for breakfast and offered them to people there in line with us. That was kinda fun.

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