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  1. Valkyrie Profile gathering? Whoa. I'd love to cosplay a VP character one day (likely Lezard), if I knew people who'd go for it.
  2. A friend's making it for me, as I have about as much skill with a sewing as a someone with no hands. However, I like working with props. I've got a wood shop in the garage that's great for that sorta thing. I'm not a master craftsman by any means, but it comes to me much easier than sewing and altering clothes.
  3. I'm going to be Aizen from Bleach, which I'm doing in a group with a couple of friends on Saturday.
  4. Onyx

    Cash Or Card?

    I try to use cash exclusively at the con. I have my debit just in case I need it for "Oh crap!" moments, but cash is just far easier for me to keep track of and budget come con-time than a debit card. I also have less of a temptation to buy everything ever I want with cash instead of plastic.
  5. Friends from college attend every year. I was going to in 2005, but I was broke from AX that year so I couldn't. So I started in 2006.
  6. I'm not, but I have a friend who's a huge fan of it and can't make it to Otakon. He's insanely jealous.
  7. - Wake up at 5 or whenever we leave from Jersey Friday morning - Eat a light breakfast on the way down, probably a bagel and some juice. - Check into hotel. - Wait until 11 or so to pick up badge from pre-reg line, usually nonexistent or very small at this point, though I'm bringing bottles of water or Gatorade just in case. - Find a corner of the convention center to sit and start planning out panels and whatnot to attend. - Start enjoying the con.
  8. Getting a ride from the people I'm staying with on the way down. It's Jersey, so taking the Turnpike down and then continuing on 95 to Baltimore. Getting a ride on the way back from another one of my friends, since he lives like 10 minutes from my place. Only reason I'm not going with him in the first place is because he's staying in a different room and going down a day earlier than I am. One day, when I am made of enough money to pay for gas on both trips (and when I get a new car with better mileage), I will drive down there myself, blasting (good!) Metallica the entire way down
  9. No offense meant to the original poster or anything, but do you realize the thread that inspired your rant is half-a-year old? o_O I can understand the attitude annoying people. Really, no one likes whiners. The Otakon staff's responsibility is to make sure the con's a well-oiled machine and get guests that would make for an interesting and memorable con experience, not fulfilling every single request made. After all, if they did, Otakorp would probably go bankrupt or something. However, I really disagree with the "put up or shut up" attitude your rant has (and that a few other po
  10. Stuff I'd like to see on badges, given their relative new-ness in the US Market: Code Geass Gundam 00 Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann Darker than Black Black Lagoon (ok, not THAT new, but FUNimation recently acquired it from among Geneon's titles) Ouran High School Host Club 009-1 And for a bit of 90's-ness somewhat resurrected by FUNimation picking it up - Slayers.
  11. Yeah, for the most part, the Inner Harbor is fairly safe. I can't really see the Baltimore PD really enforcing that curfew there, as it's more for the ghetto parts of town. Not that I have anything to worry about anyway. I'm 23 and all my friends I'm going to and hanging out at the con with are of age.
  12. Going with a whole bunch of friends. Same group of people I've been going with for a few years now. Should be good times.
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