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  1. Well, as a few people mentioned live-action movies, I'll have to say The Returner. Its story-line runs like an anime, and it's fabulous
  2. Also! (For some reason the site won't let me alter the post above this one, even though it's mine) but I'm looking for pictures of me I was Strawberry Pocky for some time all three days, and lots and lots of people took pictures, but I can't seem to find any Help! Thanks
  3. Did anyone of you Dr. Who lovers see the merchant selling Squishables? He was the SPITTING IMAGE of David Tennant; I actually asked him for an autograph.
  4. So. There's a Saiyuki photoshoot planned for 1:30 on Friday and one planned for 9:00 am on Saturday and one planned for 1:00 pm on Saturday. Saiyuki (1st gathering): Time: 1:30pm Location: 3rd Floor Outdoor Terrace Saiyuki (2nd gathering): Time: 9:00am Location: Days Inn Saiyuki (3rd gathering): Time: 1:00pm Location: Fountains I can only make the second and third ones, on Saturday, and I was just wondering which characters we'd see show up. I'm being Yaone in the waitress outfit; will I have a Hakkai or Kougaiji? =) Post below and tell us all which Saiyuki characte
  5. ::joins in the hand-raising:: As long as it's not earlier on Friday - when I'm not there - I'm game
  6. On Friday I'm coming a bit late, but I'm still cosplaying as Strawberry Pocky. (I was Original-flavored Pocky last year) Saturday I'm going as Yaone from Gensomaden Saiyuki, in her waitress outfit Sunday I'm just going as a schoolgirl, I think.
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