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  1. SO very many highlights, being my first con. #1 Jam Project Concert. I was so stoked to see them play live. I hadn't heard of them before the con, but that just meant I found a new band to like. #2 Meeting Peter and getting his autograph on my books. He's so awesome. The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie when I was a child. #3 The Harrassment of Kyon AMV. I saw that amv three times over the course of the con and it never stopped being hilarious. I also loved the Death Note amv that won the drama category. #4 The fanfiction panel was great fun. I had known of the
  2. I loved the t-shirts this year and already wore mine since getting home. I have to say, I didn't really like the artwork on the back of the sweatshirts. I was given one as a gift and will wear it as such, but it's not something I would've bought for myself. Something more like the design on the tshirts would've been better. the program was missing info on stuff that changed, which is understandable, but might I suggest putting a flyer sheet with info on the changed shows and panels in the bag? I'm not sure if that's possible, and I know some stuff that changed last minute, but it w
  3. I'm definitely coming back, and my mom will probably be joining me again. We had a blast. It was our first con ever, and what a con it was. My cousin has already invited us to crash at her place again next year, which means I'll even save on hotel fees again. I was so sad when it all ended Sunday.
  4. Will it be played next year? I missed the opening ceremonies and was late to the closing ceremonies.
  5. I was at the fanfiction panel (it was awesome, by the way). I did get Ashcats information (I stayed and chatted with her after the panel was over). I don't have her e-mail, but I do have her livejournal, if that would be helpful. I'd like to know how the Phoenix Wright trial was. I really wanted to go, but I was with someone who wanted to see the end of the AMV Iron Chef and couldn't make it. OMG, there was a jdrama panel? How did I miss that.
  6. I'd like to send a shout out to the staff working in the room that was supposed to play Wallflower 1-4, but played random eps like 9-12 or something instead, thanks for making the mad run to find out what was going on. I know I (and others) may have been a little annoyed, but seeing you go to the efforts to make it right, and then apologise when you couldn't made it a good experience in the long run.
  7. Thanks to the girl in the dealers room who actually walked me to a booth, and let me know there was a better deal over there. Turns out the deal wasn't that much better, but it was the thought that counted and made my day to know there are nice people out there. Also, thanks to the cabby on Saturday night who actually waited until my mom and I were safely in the house before driving away (it wasn't the nicest part of town, especially after midnight). I was staying with a relative and I thought it was totally cool of him to do (after all we had already paid him). Oh and thanks to
  8. I'd love to see a Samurai Champloo boxset. I was supposed to get one for my birthday, but the vendor has put the order on permanent hiatus. D: I won't have much money to spend, but if I see something from Black Cat or HunterxHunter, I'll probably buy it. And maybe some doujins. :3 My first time to any con, so I have no idea what to expect.
  9. I'm bringing my mom. It's my first con, and she wanted to tag along. She really enjoys anime. We watch it together all the time. It should be an experience, since she knows next to nothing of the fannish subculture outside of what I've told her. I'll probably be doing a lot of explaining and character spotting (telling her who is who). I'll be in costume too, so it should be fun. Not sure if she'll go to any of the meets I will be going to, but she might tag along(she'll probably be the one holding my camera most of the time). But yeah, I hope to make some buddies this year so
  10. As I fellow VK cosplayer, I think I can help you out! I bought a mens' Night Class uniform from Cosplay Magic, and aside from a few buttons having to be re-sewn, it's a magnificent costume. All their VK costumes run for $99 and will last you far more than just a few conventions. Just by the looks of their site, I'd stay away from Moon Costumes. They seem to be more or less of an outlet for Halloween costumes with some cosplay stuff carelessly tossed in. It's worth the extra $10 to buy from Cosplay Magic, not to mention shipping is free. They'll also send you extra buttons free of cha
  11. Okay, so this Otakon will be my first convention ever. I'd love to cosplay, but the decision to go was rather last minute and I probably won't have time to make anything half way decent (especially since my sewing skills aren't that great to begin with). However now that I'm staying at a relatives rather than a hotel (seeing as all hotels were booked out), I was thinking of buying a pre-made outfit with the money I'm saving. It looks pretty decent from the picture and is under a hundred dollars, but am still unsure. It's a Night Class Uniform for Yuuki from Vampire Knight. Anyway, i
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