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  1. chibi


    ahh okay me either >_< ahhh D: can i has a soul? lmao. [back on topic]
  2. chibi


    *O* that candy looks delicious!!! how did you make it!? and i think you have to put that picture in the thread as a link instead :\
  3. hahahaha x] you made me smile hehe!

  4. it felt like just a few days ago i kept saying "63 more days until otakon" to my parents.
  5. every con i dream i ever had i woke up with disappointment. it always feels so real, and when i wake up i realize it's nowhere near that time. so i go back to sleep frustrated and sad
  6. ugh, right now the money i have set aside for otakon is about $210. i don't plan to splurge too much since i already requested a whole week off, and i only work 2-3 days to begin with. ahh..the life of a college student. living off of flat sodas and the value menu in order to rake up cash for one weekend during the summer. haha !
  7. dear god x_x it's already coming up!! i'm still not finished my cosplay ToT but i finally got the email for my receipt :3 and is it bad that after 5 years i still haven't memorized the bcc? i'm afraid i might end up lost again checklist: 1. pay for registration 2. finish cosplay 3. enough money for the weekend ._. 4. grip onto sanity while waiting for the con to start
  8. I probably won't get there until 4:30 or 5, it's my boyfriend's first time attending any anime convention so I want him to see a little preview of what's to be expected that weekend And! That Thursday night, who's going to the VAMPS concert?
  9. yay! i can't wait to see all of you and your outfits how's it going for all of you? my headphones/bunny ears are done so is the shirt the belt is half way done i just need to make the arm/leg warmers and i'll be set
  10. chibi

    Uh... who?

    last year one of my friends cosplayed as a jabbawockee with another one of his friends. they were the only ones i saw that year
  11. right now i'm pretty much caught up with soul eater, just waiting for episode 50 to come out :3 now my to do list that i never finished! *samurai 7 *skip beat *peach girl *absolute boyfriendd [manga] *nana *d.gray man anybody have any suggestions on what else to watch?
  12. yay! we should have a vocaloid meet up :3 how's everyone's costumes coming along?
  13. myself, the boyfriend [his first otakon, hehehe], my younger sister, my best friend and i'm planning to see alot of friends from college there as well
  14. i think i've been doing pretty good with saving up money, i just started around january and i have around $300 now i still have enough money to sport 2 cosplays, so i think financially i'm pretty stable for this year. out of all the years i've spent at otakon, this is the most money i've ever had to spend there. but i will definately make sure to budget! i can't go spending all willy nilly, thank goodness i live in baltimore so i really don't have to worry about a hotel. foodwise, i don't plan to spend more than 70$ for that weekend what can i say? i can't walk around otakon half d
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