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  1. Well this is my 2nd year at otakon (last year was the most fun i've had, and i cant wait for this) and I registered online last year, but this year we're picking up a friend from NY then coming back on thursday, if we were to show up around 5/6 pm how long do you think the line would be??? Bout an hour or two?
  2. Im going with 3 friends and like 7 members of a online forum we go to
  3. NEVER. I dun like levi! XD I'll probably just cosplay next year where i'll have more time to prepare!
  4. finally reborn fans! Well the thing is that my parents wont let me cosplay though (it was hard enough convincing them to let me come to otakon since they dislike anime so strongly!) but hopefully i could get a picture or 2 of reborn cosplayers? Now that i think of it, being black i dunno if there is anyone from reborn i could do other than that guy from the future arc with the scythe. XD
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