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  1. Mm, then there will definitely be others walking around. I'd really like to see a Germany so I'll be crossing my fingers for that. :'D AMERICAAAAAA~ You should seriously consider it! If you did Poland, I'd have to go and pwn you with my authentic valley girl accent. That and I think I would ship Poland!twins a little too hard so you wouldn't want to see what that will result in. (heh)
  2. Just curious to see how many Axis Powers Hetalia cosplays are planned for 2009. I'm working on Poland and a few friends of mine have Austria, Russia, Lithuania, and France in the works (and suggested there might even be a bigger group including Italy.) I'm sure there is going to be others. I think the meet up for this is going to be awesome so I'd like to see how many of you lovelies are planning to join us~ And, if you are planning on cosplaying APH, when would you like to meet up (if at all, I know I want to meet more IRL APH fans)?
  3. @ayasato-chan & @natomi: My brother and I are also doing Ouendan, Kaoru and Kai. We'll see you there at the meet up! :'D (But now I'm in woe because it seems like the popularity is catching on. People might actually recognize us...) Haven't figured out dates, but I know that the other two days I'm going to do Kristoph from Apollo Justice and Poland from Axis Powers Hetalia. *^^* This/Last year I did Edgeworth and had a blast so I'm really looking forward to Kristoph. >BD
  4. I'm going to be in lolita one of the days. I'll meet up. My LJ is ria-chan if you want to friend. Let me know when and where the meet-up is because I'll definitely go! *^^*
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