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  1. I really want an excuse to do an abridged-version Maxamillion Pegasus costume.
  2. STAY AWAY FROM THE DEALER'S ROOM! I made that mistake at Anime Next. I will never make it again. Stay out of tight places. If you have to be inside, stay out of panels, narrow hallways, etc. Also, I find it really, really, REALLY helpful to have a "handler" with me. In my case, my cousin. I can't see behind me or too far to my left or right in my cosplay. So he guides me around when I absolutely MUST be inside.
  3. First, your costume is beautiful Gadalpa. I've never seen someone do an Iria cosplay. I hope you manage to get your costume to the convention hall because I would love to see it in person. Also, I think I'm going to have the same problem as you. It's extremely hard to even walk in my costume. And it's very wide, about five feet. So even though my hotel is close, I've never been to Baltimore and have no idea how I'm going to get to the con. I might have to bring it in pieces. To the people who mentioned those changing rooms - is that what they're actually for? Would I have to clear it
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