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  1. I've finally got around to start posting my pictures on cosplay.com, and you can check out the pictures as I upload them here: Eurobeat King : Otakon 2008 Cosplay Pictures Please keep checking there as new pictures will be posted daily, after I return from work or when I return from another convention coming up. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy all the pics!
  2. I plan to go, even though I haven't bought airline tickets yet. It'll be the last convention of the year for me, and it's a good way to end the year by seeing my friends on the East Coast oncemore. Just weird how my con-season ends early (Mid-October) as they moved AUSA up a month, as well as Yaoicon (which is usually Halloween weekend.) It's going to be a looong couple of months until Ohayocon in January 2009..
  3. I'll be going to Katsucon. It's weird how Ohayocon is at the end of January this year (2008 it was right after New Year's) but thankfully there's a couple of weeks in-between Ohayocon and Katsucon. But Katsu 2009 will be my 12th year attending, and I wouldn't miss it!
  4. There's already a thread about posting your pictures, but I'll post the link to my pictures here, why not? Here are most of my pictures from Otakon 2008 which are currently posted on American Cosplay Paradise (ACP): Eurobeat King's Otakon 2008 Cosplay Pictures There's a couple more hundred pictures that will be posted soon. Also, I'll be posting them on cosplay.com in my main gallery, but not for a little while. Finishing up my San Diego Comic Con pictures, busy with work, and taking a mini-vacation with my family before going to DragonCon, all that is backlogging my Otako
  5. Here are my pictures that are currently posted on American Cosplay Paradise (ACP) : Eurobeat King's Otakon 2008 Cosplay Pictures I still have a couple-hundred from Sunday which haven't been posted yet, but they'll be up in a day or two. NOTE: I'll be posting them on cosplay.com eventually. But I'm busy with work, and backlogged with pictures from Anime Expo & San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy these in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!
  6. Well, I'm still stuck in SFO due to a reservation-error, and now i won't be leaving until 6:00am here, with a stop-over in Denver before heading to BWI. I'll land around 4:00pm and take a taxi to my hotel, and then go to pre-reg. Hopefully I should be there by 5:00pm, and i'll then start taking pictures of cosplayers as they go inside or come out of pre-reg. Depending on when it dies down, I'll go inside and pick up my badge, and then continue to take pictures until pre-reg. closes at 10:00pm. Sux I can't be there in the morning as originally planned, but this isn't as bad as it seems.
  7. I should be at the con by 9:30am, but will try to get my hotel room first, and if successful after putting my bags in my room, i'll head over to the con and wait in-line with all the others who are already there. I wonder which way the pre-reg. line will go this year: either around the side towards Camden Yards, or the other way towards Light Street. Once I get done with pre-reg. I'll be hanging outside the doors, taking pictures of cosplayers until they close at 10pm. If you're in-costume, hopefully I'll get a picture of you either before or after you come out of pre-reg.
  8. There's a Gurren Lagann cosplay gathering on Friday. Here's the info: Day : Friday Time: 7:00pm Location: Fountains area (bottom level of the convention center) I forsee that it will be a big gathering.
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