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  1. Wah bout meh? Each day we didn't actually get to the convention center til afternoon. I know lots of people were stopping me for my picture, whether they knew what I was supposed to be or not! Friday I was like the only Jesse around [missed the Pokemon shoot ] ref: Jesse Saturday I was Kasumi Asakura from RoseHipZero, but everyone dubbed me "MissLegoGun." Yeah, I had a relatively-full scale ingram made out of legos. XP I'd really LOVE a full shot of this, cuz I have none! ref: Kasumi Sunday I was Marvel Girl, though some did recognize me as at least some form of Phoenix.
  2. *still crying* I had no idea there was an Abridged booth til some random person mentioned it to me like 3:30 on Sunday! Man... I wanted to get a real T-shirt. I had a printed out & ironed on thing on my tanktop- the pink block "My Breasts Challenge You to a Duel!" =most ghettoesque garb anyone shall ever see me in ^____^U Yeah, I plain failed at expressing my ygo love in general the whole weekend... *is ashamed*
  3. I wouldn't dream of buying a "costume" pre-made. Like, I've seen a bunch of Sora, Roxas, or Xemnas sets. But I'm not big on sewing either. I've been buying the basic items seperately, then altering if necessary. Thankfully my costumes require relatively little altering. Like, my blazer for Kasumi from Rose Hip Zero- I didn't see the point in making such a basic piece of clothing. I found a $10 white one in my size & I'm dying it. "Eternity Fashion" here in Philly has some pretty crazy styles, and I was able to find a $12 dress exactly like Marvel Girls from X-Men. Jesse from Pokemon
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